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Everybody has the same hard information when it comes to getting your man back, but no one explains how to muster the will power to cut off all contact when all you need is to hear his voice. I am here to not only give you the tips you want to get your man back ( and fast ), but also to explain the way to follow these tough rules that seem impossible.

How and Why Cutting Off Contact Gets Your Man to Run Back To You :

You can contact him once to tell him you need him back, but understand he may need some space right now. This ensures that you have done what you can so you cannot spend all of your time brooding about what may have happened. enlightening him once you are interested is enough. Then it is time to cut him out for awhile.

I once read in cosmopolitan that I should list my ex's number in my telephone as do not TEXT ( instead of his name. ) This doesn't work. I knew i did it so I was still able to text him. Delete him from your phone. Seriously. You can save his number somewhere on your computer or a bit of paper but for at this time he must not be accessible to you.

Don't check on him. Don't ask his or your pals about him, block his facebook from your perspective, do all that you can to not be reminded of him.

Be very wary of alcohol. Drunk dialing and drunk texting is the first downfall of the heart broken. Alcohol is also a depressant and will not help your mood.

depend on your friends for fun, though not for continual support. Yes, you can lean on the girls, but don't wear them out with continually talking about your man. Instead be thankful you have them and spend as much time having a great time as you can. Also remember that their superb advice is horribly biased because they like you. Remember the opening sequence of he's Just Not That Into You? Girls lie to make their buddies feel better.

As humans, it's hard for us to do anything we do not really understand the benefit of. If we understand why not contacting him works, it should make it easier to do.

First, most men don't deal well with pressure. ( most of the people don't deal well with excessive pressure. ) You constantly contacting him is pressure. Be cool. Back off. Let him breathe. He'll love you for it. You might even surprise him.

second, mystery is always interesting. If you aren't contacting him, where are you? Who are you with? If you constantly contact him he knows what you're doing and potentially couldn't care less.

You can do it! Pals of mine that are now married were split up for a lengthy period in the middle of their relationship. He split up with her. She revealed 'I don't agree, but I understand.' and didn't contact him again. A good bit later they ran into each other and he asked her back out straight away. She had given him time to become adult, and he still talks about how impressed he was with that. So good luck, and know your results may not be fast.

Hannah knows the score. For more on how to get him back, check out her website at and sign up for her free relationship advice newsletter.

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