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Golf Swing Basics And Your Road To Becoming A Pro Golf Player

Whenever a novice comes to me to ask what are the golf swing basics that are needed to move up on the ladder from a novice golf player, I advise them one thing – good golf training from the beginning if their golf career. Why is this important? This is because unless you have a good base you cannot understand the golf swing basics and hence you cannot really progress with your game of golf.

The most accomplished player starts with a good grasp on golf swing basics

Tip: If possible, when trying to improve your golf game, play with golfers who are experienced so you can pick up on their techniques. There are many tidbits of information you can gather from watching an advanced golfer play.

Every time you see a good performance, you will understand how important it is right from the beginning. When you start learning a game, unless you learn it the right way you will not be able to improve because you will build on the wrong strengths. People think than some people are better than others in learning the golf swing basics but this is actually not true.

Tip: Make a friendly wager the next time you play a game of golf. The reward need not be monetary - why not throw in lunch or a round of drinks.

What happens is that some people have a better understanding of the basics and hence are able to internalize much more quickly what is supposed to be done and when. I have seen many a good player getting confused in what type of a club to use for a shot or what strength the shot should be played. I am not saying that the clarity of the basics would help a novice decide faster on the right method, only that it would be easier for him/her to learn.

Time invested, or time wasted

Tip: Strong, limber and flexible arms will greatly improve your golf swing. When you are preparing for a golf game, try working out, stretching, and getting a nice massage.

For example many invest a lot of time in training and find that there is no positive impact on their game. This is when they should stop and ask, whether they are doing the right kind of training. Are they concentrating on the right exercise, are they taking care of their major flaws, and so on. Unless and until you are investing your time in the right direction, you will be wasting your time.

From what I have learned in my 15 years plus of golf playing and coaching, is that the golf swing basics work only when coupled with the right exercise and training. Only then you will find that you are moving ahead in your game – and sometimes there is drastic improvement over a very short period of time. So, next time when you are looking to perfect your golf swing basics, check out what the best regime of training is available in your nearest golf school. You will be a winner in no time!

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