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Whether you're a professional landscaper or merely a recreational gardener, you've probably ran into the common gardening dilemmas. These include: stubborn weeds that just won't stop popping up, poor soil that can't seem to grow anything, soggy leaves that accumulate in piles and unruly grass that requires frequent mowing. However, these issues can very well be a thing of the past for gardeners who are willing to invest in ground-breaking (so to speak) new technologies.

To begin, mowing your lawn no longer requires you to push a heavy mower up and down hills in the sweltering summer heat. Though many people still buy and use push-mowers, recent technological advances mean they're made to be much lighter and more agile for those tricky corners. Plus, there are now a range of smaller-size riding lawn mowers for homeowners who want an easy mowing experience without having to store an industrial-sized mower in their garages or garden sheds.

Another area in which there has been a wealth of innovation is in gardening tools that deal with leaves. For example, gardeners can now use electric leaf shredders to actually turn pesky leaf piles into useful compost. Furthermore, gardeners can get help by gathering the leaves before placing them in the shredder by using a Snapbagger tool that allows for the easy transfer of leaves into bags.

Finally, there are now a range of artificial grasses that landscape professionals and homeowners alike can use as an alternative to natural lawns. Though the notion of artificial grass may initially conjure up images of tacky turquoise turf that looks more like a giant, rolled-out tennis ball than a stretch of grass, new innovations in synthetic lawns look surprisingly natural. These products are ideal for areas with poor soil quality which previously were unable to grow thick, green lawns. More and more landscapers have become fed-up with patchy or thinning lawns and are switching to artificial grasses. Furthermore, when lawns are replaced with artificial grasses, it eliminates the existence of stubborn weeds, such as dandelions and prickly lettuce.

Thus, between technologically-advanced mowers, leaf-collecting and shredding tools and natural types of synthetic grass, modern-day gardeners can spend their time on the more enjoyable aspects of horticulture. Most gardeners enjoy planting flowers, shaping hedges and adding their unique point of view to a landscape. Many would agree that the maintenance aspects of gardening are the worst part. However, innovators in the gardening industry continue to find new ways of making life easier for gardeners, making the hobby more appealing and accessible to wider range of individuals.

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