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I am a dreamer and I am happy to say that I am on the path of fulfilling my biggest dream.
VP amrketing of WeCutFoam, foam cutting services company
I am a prolific writer on many topics. I am also a keen traveller.
Yantram Studio founded in 2004, has completed 3D Animation design project for over 3000 Architect, Real State Firms, Interior Desi…
Love to Write Articles
Being from the auto financing industry, I know that it is extremely diverse
I work with an online auto financing company – Car Destination. It shares my ideals of ethics, integrity and people-oriented appro…
Electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in hardware, software and motion control. He is the owner of Foamlinx LLC, desig…
I play the guitar, the musician, I like to have fun
Trend is the guide in which something new coming out, mostly implying the growth of fashion in a specific field. Therefore, fash…
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