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Cool, casual and comfy, jeans remain the ultimate wardrobe must-have for the style savvy man. Whether you prefer classic, straight-leg blue denim or a funkier coloured denim skinny jean, this classic element of menswear is one of the most important items in your closet. Coming in a range of cuts, colours and washes, you can buy jeans that match your personality. Though jeans are known as the definitively casual pant, you can dress them up with smarter shoes and shirts for those classier occasions. In your hunt for that perfect pair of jeans, it helps to consider your own fashion sense and the types of occasions where you plan to wear them.

To begin, jeans come in a variety of cuts, with different styles conveying different points of view. For example, boot cut and flare jeans often give off a casual, easy-going vintage look and are designed to perfectly fall over boots or pointed shoes. For a slightly dressier appearance, straight-leg jeans convey a classic, sophisticated and well-tailored look. Skinny jeans are another possible cut to choose from. These tighter-fitting jeans, tapered at the ankles, convey an edgier, rock star-like attitude.

In addition to the cut of the jeans, the colour of the jeans is another major aspect of their overall look. For example, dark blue jeans and black jeans are often considered to be smarter than light blue or bright coloured jeans. Jeans that come in bright colours, such as fire-engine red, royal blue or bright yellow, are ideal for a guy who enjoys being playful with his fashion style. Such coloured jeans are commonly found in the skinny jean cut and can brighten up an alternative, rock-inspired wardrobe.

Finally, it is also a good idea to consider the wash of the jeans and whether they have any distressing. Similar to jean colour, mens jeans that have a lighter wash tend to be more casual than those that have a darker wash. In regard to distressing, jeans that have been purposefully ripped or that have fading lines near the pockets are also usually more casual than those that lack distressing. Such distressing techniques are done so that the jeans look more worn-in.

Thus, there are a variety of types of jeans to choose from and it helps to consider your personal fashion taste when hunting for that perfect pair. Jeans can be the ideal go-to trouser for all casual to semi-casual occasions. Though jeans are one of the most universal items of clothing found in a man's closet, the variety of cuts, colours and washes available make them well-suited for every different fashion point of view.

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