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The Advantages of Having Monitored Alarm Systems

Fear can grip you as you watch bloody crimes committed against innocent homeowners peacefully sleeping in their homes. Homes have always been thought to be the ultimate sanctuary that one could run to for security and protection. Yet, it is not enough to be cocooned in a home. You are still a sitting duck if and when evil-minded intruders invade your home. To keep your home safe, you need to go a step further – install monitored alarm systems.home protecting a family


Home alarm systems have come a long way from the time they were first available. Today, these alarm systems do more than just ward off intruders. The sophisticated technology has come to the rescue by engaging advanced systems that can make monitored alarm systems more responsive to security needs. These systems are the modern society’s answer to alarming burglary and heinous crimes that could not just be stopped even with police vigilance.


What are the advantages of having monitored alarm systems?


• It can generate a more immediate response. Compared to bell-only alarms, that can only summon neighborhood attention, monitored systems usually elicit fast Police response. Modern monitored alarms have listening device that allow the monitoring service to respond accordingly using the connected speakers and to challenge the intruders.


• You can send a secret code that signifies “danger or duress.” The homeowners can send a secret code or signal to the alarm receiving center of the monitoring service to signify danger or duress. This can alert them and arrange for an immediate police and/or ambulance rescue.


• Linking the system to fire detectors send alerts to the Fire Brigade. While battery operated smoke detectors or standalone detectors can serve the purpose, fire alarm may not activate fast enough and you or the neighbors must still alert the Fire Brigade. Having the fire alarm integrated in your monitored alarm system will automatically be included in the monitoring of the alarm receiving center. This immediate action can save both lives and properties.


• Medical assistance can readily be attended to. These kinds of systems are generally equipped with “Assistance” button that sends alert signals to the monitoring center that will validate the kind of emergency medical assistance that you need for proper coordination such as an ambulance service.


• Repair is swiftly done online. In cases of the need for repairs, an electronic tool box can be sent online to diagnose and rectify the faulty alarm system. This saves the homeowner time and the trouble of waiting for the technician or engineer.


• False alarms are less likely to bother neighbors. This is because this alarm system has no external siren that relies on the attention it will rouse from the neighborhood and by passers. Rather, it has an internal siren that alerts those in the monitoring center. Thus, if you are away on vacation, the siren will not just go off uncontrollably.


• You can even include toxic gas monitoring among those monitored dangers. This is an unusually deadly factor that needs to be detected in homes. This will ensure the safety of your family round the clock.


There are many companies that offer monitored alarm systems. Find out more about the companies before making any commitment. You can try using product reviews; research about their features and compare these with the other companies. It is always best to use independent reviews and customer feedbacks as an unbiased source of guidance. Dissatisfied customers are great sources of negative feedback. If and when you decide on a certain company, insist on a shorter contract to have a dry run of the kind if service they deliver before committing to a longer contract.



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