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Why Wireless Alarm Systems Sell

Even if you have not been victimized by burglary yet, it is very understandable to feel anxious about your home security. FBI says that a home robbery occurs every 12 seconds. In addition, if you have gone through such deplorable experience, you must know by this time how important is a home security system. With this FBI statistics, it is not surprising to know that there are multiple options available in the market these days. One popular choice is the wireless alarm systems.


These days, the markets offer consumers a broad range of products from the basic motion-activated systems to monitored home security systems. In between lies many variations from trip wires, closed circuit telemetry, motion sensors, and more. When choosing, it is important to remember that the price is not a guarantee that you are getting superior performance. One of the hottest varieties that you can consider for your home is the wireless kind.


If you are considering having a system installed in your home, here are a few reasons why wireless alarm systems are worth your money:


• Lower Overall Cost


The unit cost of the wireless system is higher than its wired counterpart. However, when you consider the costs that can be saved from installation, it is still much cheaper than a wire alarm system.


• Easy Installation Process


Installing a wireless interactive security system takes less time that requires no drilling or fitting unlike what is required when installing its wired counterpart. It only takes an hour to a little over an hour to install compared to spending three to six hours drilling, fitting, and installing a hardwired system. It does not damage your home that makes it look more visually pleasant without all the exposed wires. It is portable, making it an ideal solution for those who live in rented homes.


• Less Problems with Sensors and Coverage


Wireless alarm systems allow putting of sensors wherever you may want to as long as these sensors fall within the range of coverage of the control panel or keypad. In fact, this is not also a constraint, as your technician simply needs to put relays that can transmit the signal to those sensors or detectors that are a bit farther from the control panel. This is harder to do with wired systems in homes with thick walls. This means that you can more practically secure a bigger area in your home and its perimeter.

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• More Expandable


If you are planning to add more sensors and relays in the future, this is something that can be easily done in a wireless system. With technological innovations, coming out with more sensitive detectors is expected. Updating your system is easy.


• Provides a Platform for Whole Home Solutions


Because it is wireless, it is ideal for homes and vacation properties that have no landline. These utilize wireless communications over dedicated and secure networks. Wireless technology offer many uses and applications; a wireless interactive security system can include home automation, integrated video monitoring, activity notifications, system alerts as well as controlling home’s lights, temperature and door locks through the security system.


• Simple Troubleshooting


The people who installed the system can remotely do the need for repairs. Spotting the problem can be done online without any need to schedule a visit. If your system is monitored from a monitoring center, problems are easily detected and repairs are done without you being aware of it.


A home is a refuge that is supposed to offer you and your family security from harm. There are many reasons why wireless alarm systems make a good choice. There are talks, though, about wireless systems being more vulnerable to hacking. That is not simply true; it has codes that take more time to crack. Of course, no system is 100 percent guaranteed. Your objective is simply to make the burglars’ job harder.






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