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Issues You May Have When You Are Pregnant

As exciting as it is to find out your pregnant, it can also be a headache (literally). You may feel an array of unfavorable physical side effects. In this article, you will be provided with helpful advice to help you deal with some of these issues.

Tip: Say no to other people that insist you eat more. It is necessary to take in extra calories while you are pregnant, but that does not mean you should eat constantly.

Morning sickness is one of the most common, yet uncomfortable symptoms a woman has to deal with when pregnant, especially in the first trimester. Luckily, there are some things you can do to lessen and perhaps even eliminate morning sickness. For starters, drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated will only worsen your nausea. Also, keep soda crackers by your bed. Eat them before even getting out of the bed in the morning.

Tip: Creating a birthing plan is a good idea. This plan can map out expectations and your personal feelings about the child birthing process.

Heartburn is another common, but annoying, pregnancy symptom. Unfortunately, you cannot take many medications for heartburn when you are pregnant that you would normally take when you are not. But, there are other things you can do. For instance, have smaller meals. Less food means less pressure on the esophagus, meaning the acid has no place to backtrack. Be sure to stay away from spicy foods and carbonated beverages, two common triggers of heartburn.

Tip: Don't let the media affect your pregnancy! The media is filled with images of rail-thin models who gain barely an ounce while expecting. TV stars wear nosebleed heels on the red carpet while pregnant.

Many pregnant women experience stretch marks when they are pregnant. But, as common as it is, it is also very treatable. Though many products claim to help, only some really do. Vitamin C, wheat germ oil, and glycolic acid are three products that really do produce positive results for stretch marks.

Tip: Advance nipple preparation can reduce the initial pain of breastfeeding. Soften your chest area with lanolin cream to reduce the irritation.

It is common for women to think that they will never lose the weight they gained when they were pregnant. This is only true if you allow it to be. It is up to you to lose your baby weight. Start eating healthier and exercise. If you find it hard to find time to go to the gym with a new baby, you could always exercise at home.

Tip: Many expectant mothers experience leg cramps. If you stretch just before hitting the sack, you can avoid these cramps.

Speaking of exercise, contrary to popular belief, it is okay to exercise when you are pregnant, with certain limits. Exercise is helpful during pregnancy as it prevents you from gaining too much weight. However, if you have other medical conditions or certain complications from your pregnancy, some exercises may not be safe. Speak with your doctor to find out which exercises you should and should not be doing.

Tip: Get your things together for your trip to the hospital when you're into your third trimester. If you wait, you'll end up rushing at the last minute.

You may experience random pains and aches when you are pregnant. Most of these are perfectly normal. However, that does not mean you should just have to suffer through them. Though you may not be able to take most pain relievers, you can find other ways to cope with them. Go to a massage therapist, stretch out your legs as often as you can and whenever possible, put your feet up and just relax for a little while.

As you can see by reading the article above, there are many things you can do to cope with the physical problems you may experience when you are pregnant. Use the above tips to turn an otherwise uncomfortable pregnancy into an enjoyable one.

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