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We always want to look good every day. But on special occasions, we want to take everything to the next level. Aside from the make-up and the accessories, we always make it a point to find the perfect dress. By “perfect,” we mean something that will not only flaunt our curves or make us comfortable, it should also make us the most beautiful and stunning woman in the ballroom.

The great news is that, designers released a lot of really exceptional pieces that women can wear to special events. We’ve scoured designer brands and we’ve picked some of the best dresses ever made.

Pastel and striped dresses from Balenciaga. If you want to turn heads without having to try too hard, these dresses from Balenciaga could be your perfect choice. They cling into your body perfectly. The colors are light and young and they are sure to be perfectly complemented when worn with a pair of gold or black strappy stilettos.

Asymmetrical body-hugging dresses from Balenciaga. If you’re slender and you want a piece that will best complement your form, the asymmetrical statements in Balenciaga’s dresses will work perfectly for your figure. The designs alone are sure to turn heads. Match them with a pair of booties or stilettos.

Long black dress from Theyskens’ Theory. If you want to channel Audrey Hepburn with a twist, why not wear a long black dress instead of a short one? Theyskens’ Theory has a standout piece in his Spring-Summer collection. It had soft and beautiful draperies on the top combined with an edgy high-waist skirt. The dress will elongate your legs and make you look taller than you actually are. For an even more sophisticated appeal, wear them with a pair of draping gold earrings.

Vertical striped pants from Balenciaga. Some women want to turn heads but they don’t want to sport the typical girly dress. The masculine stripes in this nicely-fitting Balenciaga pants will make you an effortless stunner. It’s neat, sophisticated, and edgy at the same time. You can wear it a white top if you want a sleeker look.

Looking fabulous is not as difficult as what many people think. So what are you waiting for? Get your must-have pieces now at Parlour X. Parlour X is your one-stop online boutique. It is Sydney’s version of London’s Dover Street Market. The site offers fabulous dress from brands like Vionnet, Carven, and Mother of Pearl. Aside from hard-to-find luxury dresses, you’re also sure to delight yourself in their collection of casual and everyday creations – all at very competitive prices.

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