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A Quick Fix: Hollywood Diet Juice Drink

Those who buy a Hollywood diet juice are usually those who are looking for a quick fix to their dieting problems. It can often be frustrating to start a diet and change eating habits and exercise plans only to wait weeks before any true results are seen. Often people will give up at just the time when their body is getting ready to break out of the plateau and start to lose weight. It takes the body some time to gain muscle and lose the fat that has built up over the years. In addition, the muscle weighs more than fat so the weight on the scale may not show the actual fat loss that is going on in the body. A better way to measure the results is to do periodic fat percentage testing or to measure the body in certain key areas each week to see if there is a loss in inches.

Liquid Diets

Tip: Do a little bit of research on the nutritional value of fresh produce before you begin juicing. Each fruit and vegetable provides different vitamins and nutrients.

A liquid diet is not a new idea, although the Hollywood diet juice drinks have capitalized on the effectiveness of the liquid diet for rapid weight loss. The Hollywood diet juice drinks come in a twenty-four hour amount or a forty-eight hour amount, depending on the time that the person wants to do the fast. Usually, about five pounds will be lost within the first day of the fast which can be very encouraging to the person doing it. However, the weight loss is not from fat loss but is from fluid loss. That means as soon as the person starts to eat normally again, the fluid will again be retained and the weight will be the same as before.

The Hollywood diet juice drinks can be a helpful way to encourage people who have been struggling for some time on a new diet and exercise plan and have not seen any weight loss results even though their clothes are fitting better and they can see more muscle tone. Because the Hollywood diet juice drinks cause such extreme weight loss within a couple of days, it can encourage people who are ready to quit to keep going on their diet plans. The Hollywood diet juice drinks can also be helpful to those who are in competitions where they need to be a certain weight, such as wrestlers. However, people are not supposed to exercise much when on the fast, so it can be dangerous for extreme athletes to use for this purpose.

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