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An Overview Of The Universal Theme Park Orlando Concept

To understand the immense popularity of the Universal theme park Orlando, one needs to understand the immense popularity of movies and film in general. For most in America (and the world in general) the movie industry has greatly shaped the culture. It is next to impossible to separate people from the movie business because people spend an enormous amount of time watching movies, TV and DVDs. Because of this, a certain attachment and fixation develops on wanting to experience the entertainment industry “up close.” This has led to the great expansion of tourism to Hollywood over the years and the establishment of the Universal theme park. The great popularity of the west coast theme park led to the concept and development of the Universal theme park Orlando.

Much like Walt Disney realized many decades ago, not everyone who lives in the mid-west and the east coast have the ability and resources to travel to California. As such, a east coast theme park in the sunny, tourist friendly realm of central Florida becomes a tremendous idea. Universal went full charge ahead with the development of the Universal theme park Orlando and this turned out to be a highly successful venture.

The debut of the Universal theme park Orlando proved to be a welcome addition to what had previously (erroneously) been considered a crowded theme park market. In actuality, the market can never be crowded if the public demand for additional product is strong. In the case of the Universal theme park Orlando concept, the ‘product’ that the theme park offered was unique enough that it would be a welcome addition to the theme park tourism culture of central Florida. Because of this, the magic of Hollywood exists on the east coast and draws a huge number of pleasure seekers on a daily basis. From this, the Universal theme park Orlando concept can be called a thorough success.

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