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SOme Hot Tips For Contacting Celebrities

Ok, first of all, let's be honest, would you want a stranger lingering around your house at midnight, waiting to get a signature from you? Of course not!

And neither do the stars.

Does this mean you're a weirdo just because you want an autograph? Absolutely Not!

Desiring a signature from someone you admire is very normal. The celebrities and their agents realize this and they do want you to contact them.
Not only do the majority of celebrities adore their fans but they also have a monetary reason why celebrities want you to contact them.
How do we know that a celebrity is famous? Because they're very popular among their fans, and they have a lot of fans that love them and track their careers!

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It's obvious that the more fans a star has, the more they're "in demand" and get high-paying film/record/sports/etc contracts.

This secret is absolutely critical.

The stars and their representatives have a strong reason to keep you happy and that's why they keep in touch and send free signed photos if you request.

But how do stars want you to contact them?

Most celebrities would like you to contact them through their agency or fan mail address. Every celebrity has an agent that books deals for them, and they will also accept and forward your mail. What you should say in your request is coming up in another article, but for now, just understand that there are certain addresses the celebrities want to be contacted at, and some they don't.

Contacting a star at home is usually not a good idea! They probably wouldn't reply to you there anyway because they do want some privacy in their lives too.Getting in touch with celebrities at the proper address is absolutely important to your success! In fact, I can't stress this enough.

Let's talk further about what you can get from a star in the mail.Does it seem far-fetched that you can receive a free autographed photo from your favorite celebrity or sports hero?

Look at it this way, you're not really receiving anything for free because the celebrity (or their agent) is paying the bill. Why would they do this? Because they want to be popular and keep a solid public image.If you get a personally inscribed autograph, you should get very happy because it's probably worth anywhere between $25-$500 or more (depending on their star power, their popularity, whether or not they're still alive, etc).

Here's the key, when you contact a star, let them know how much you appreciate their work, and then simply ask them for an autographed photo. Be sincere! If you want to include a photo in your mailing, ask them to sign it. Most of the time they'll be more than happy to do this for you and it's so simple!

So far we've learned that many stars want you to contact them, and that you can receive free signed photos in the mail. The next important part is to use an accurate address to write to them.

How do you know if a celebrity address is accurate?

That will be part of my next article, so keep reading!

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