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How Osteoporosis Risk Factors Calculators Create Awareness

Nowadays, people are very much aware of major health problems like cardiovascular problems, respiratory illness and diabetes; most people overlook the importance of knowing more about osteoporosis. Why? Because the International Osteoporosis Foundation tells us startling reports:

1. It affects no less than 75 million people from developed countries like USA, Japan and European continent.

2. A decade ago, 9 million fractures were osteoporosis related and that rate has increased dramatically over the years.

3. One out of every three women above 50 years of age would have a hip fracture.

These facts should not be taken lightly as cost of healthcare has increased. Plus, people would definitely want to avoid any type of injury that osteoporosis can cause.

One proactive way of addressing this problem is by using osteoporosis risk calculators to understand factors that can lead to the condition. Just remember that using osteoporosis risk calculators does not mean seeking a doctor's advice anymore. Rather, osteoporosis risk factors calculators are created by health organizations for public awareness purposes.

One example of osteoporosis risk factors calculator is the IOF One-Minute Osteoporosis Risk Test. IOF has set a disclaimer that it is not a scientifically validated test. Yet, you can be aware of  some risk factors that must be avoided to prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Test Calculator is another usefool tool which can be found on shapefit website. These tools are actually very easy to use since all you have to do is choose an answer and get the results. There are only ten questions that can be answered by either "yes" or "no". Similar to the IOF Osteoporosis risk factors calculators, the tool should be mainly used a guideline so you can be more aware of measures to take in preventing osteoporosis.

The two osteoporosis risk factors calculators imparts to the public same lessons- smoking and other unhealthy habits can easily lead to osteoporosis later. The results suggests to people that they need to do something to prevent occurrence of osteoporosis.

Using osteoporosis risk calculators are not only informative but fun as well. Yet,schedule a visit to your doctor so you can get all the help you need. The doctor may require you to undergo important exams like bone mineral density test. Most of all, you get medical advice that comes with safety.

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