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Microsoft Outlook is gained position as one of the powerful desktop email clients because of its incredible features, simple interface and costless media provided for data sharing and communication. With prominent storage capacity provided with every updated edition of Outlook, users were not only offered with the maximum of 50 GB memory with the latest edition, Outlook 2010 that could be expanded. But with this advantage was tagged a disadvantage too. As Outlook file size starts increasing, users have to face inconsistencies in performance of the application like time taken in searching a specific item, problem in sharing data etc. Since the problem is attached with large size of Outlook files, it can be resolved by cutting down PST file size. To work around Outlook performance issues, users can split PST file. But before that, the question to be answered is how to reduce Outlook file size without harm to data residing in it. In the succeeding section of this article, we will discuss how to split PST file to fix problems caused due to Outlook PST large size.

Problems With PST Files In Outlook Editions Introduced By Far!

Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003: In all these editions, ANSI PST files get created that has the storage ability of 2GB only. Since this limit was very low for users for storing email data, users come across varied issues while working with these Outlook versions. The biggest problem is on crossing 2GB file limit, PST files get corrupted, leaving entire data inaccessible. Therefore, to maintain flawless workability of Outlook in these editions is to split Outlook PST files.

Outlook 2007- Outlook 2010: In these updated editions, Unicode PST files get created. Outlook 2007 with 20 GB and Outlook 2010 with 50 GB storage capacity is being offered to the users but still it was unable to fill the loopholes of application workability inconsistency. When PST files grow larger in size, it makes Outlook to work slower. Therefore, in any edition of Outlook, dividing PST file is the only solution to fix PST size related issues.

How To Split PST File In Outlook: One amongst the best PST splitter solutions available online is Split PST software that dissever PST file by four medias: by size, by date, by folder and by year. The software has simplified interface and explains users as how to split PST file items via demo version that can be procured free of cost.


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