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You Can Recover Your Lost Data From a Formatted Disk

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Sometimes people find themselves in very irritating situations. For instance, you have accidentally clicked the “format drive” and erased all files in your computer. In some cases, you indeed have every intention of formatting the disk only to realize in the end that you forgot to create back-ups for all your files. Either way, you became the victim of your own actions. In fact, in a study done by Protect Data – Data Back-Up Services, 32% of all data loss is due to human error. Examples of this are unintentionally deleting the files, formatting the drive without creating file back-ups, and damage due to falls. Unlike word documents, formatting cannot be undone by just clicking “undo” or by pressing ctrl and z – it calls for more actions. But the lighter side of this issue is, there is still a chance for you to salvage all those files.

The first option for formatted hard disk data recovery is to seek the help of a professional. There are things that are needed to be handled by those who are well-trained in specific areas. Surgeries are to be handled by doctors alone in the same way that computer failures are to be handled by computer technicians only. You may call tech support or consult online repair and computer support service. If you are more comfortable with a direct or “eyeball to eyeball” interaction with a technician, then you can go immediately to any local repair shop near your area.

The advantage of going to a professional technician is you save yourself a lot of time searching the internet for free formatted hard disk data recovery software. And even if you do have the software in hand, there’s still 90% chance that you do more damage to your computer. That is especially true when you are not aware or you don’t fully understand computer parts. Besides, if your computer has other issues as well, the technician can also inform you about it. The only disadvantage in going to a technician is the cost of data recovery. There is a charge for diagnosis and another charge for recovery. If there’s a need for repair, then there’s another charge for it. Even though you may be given an absurd amount for recovery, at least there’s a great chance that all your data will be brought back. For situations like this, it is better to leave everything in the hands of an expert!

many computer problems can be solved

The second option is to download free data recovery software. But if you cannot find freeware, buy it online. Most people would agree that there’s nothing better than things that you can get for free, especially now that almost everything is pricey. It’s difficult to find a software that you can download without paying a cent for it. But there actually will be free software for formatted hard disk data recovery. The only thing you have to consider is how much you know about computers. If you are not familiar with some computer terms or if you are confused with the procedures then it is best for you to hire a technician. But if you know the basics well and can fully understand instructions on how to undelete files, then by all means continue with your DIY formatted disk data recovery. There will also be software that is so easy to use. Just select and click – and voila, your files have been recovered.

Choosing the kind of formatted disk data recovery option is completely up to you and how well you assess yourself – Can you really handle DIY recovery or are you not that confident with your skills? Do you have enough money for professional consultation or would you rather look for freeware? In the future, in order for you to avoid any more irritating situations like formatted disk data recovery, always remember these: First, read before you click. Pay attention to where exactly the pointer goes and avoid clicking especially if you don’t know what will happen next. This also applies to choosing the files you need. Make sure that you know which files you’re going to need and which could be deleted permanently. And second, back-up all your files so that if ever you accidentally formatted the first drive, at least it’s all there on another disk or drive – all safe and ready to be used when you need them.

It’s difficult to find a software that you can download without paying a cent for it. But there actually will be free software for formatted hard disk data recovery.

good software is hard to find

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