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If your child suffers from low self esteem, he/she will be reluctant to take up new challenges. Children tend to act out frequently on the ground they are good for nothing. Parents play important role in developing self esteem among children. Fortunately, there are games that you can try to help your child improve self esteem:

Compliment Game: This can create wonders when you find too much of personality conflicts in your child. You can give your child a piece of paper and ask him to tear into several pages. Each of the children in a group should be asked to do this. The paper should have name of the child written and positive characters he has. Children should be asked to focus on behaviors and traits rather than physical attributes.

After completing the test, papers should be put in a box. There should be an adult for reading all positive comments. The number of positive things said about them surprises children.

Children can be asked to keep the paper in a notebook or folder. They can bring out the paper to read whenever they feel down. It is a good way to make children feel good about themselves and this goes a long in improving self esteem.

When You Grow Up Game: This particularly works in a group of children. You can begin by asking the child what he aspires to become. If your child says a fireman, make sure to appreciate his choice. To take responses from your child, you can ask him the reasons why. If he answers he likes fire trucks, you can encourage him by saying you will definitely make a good fireman since you like fire trucks.

For grown up children, you can work on individual characteristics of your child, such as honesty, compassion and strengths. Every child should be given a chance to prove himself.

Children can be asked to draw pictures about the way they think of themselves. Children should be encouraged to be simple and avoid any sorts of complications. After completing their tasks, children can talk among themselves about the project.

Some of the other games that you can take up to improve self esteem among kids can be:

Reminding your child that you love him irrespective of what he is.

Model a positive image and do not criticize your child.

Encourage him to participate in different activities to improve self esteem.

Help him if he is struggling with a task.

Encourage him to improve rather than trying to get perfection.

Help your child face different challenges to improve self esteem

Help your child understand that failure is inevitable and that he can overcome it.

Honest and simple complement can go a long way in helping your child improve self esteem. The task of developing self esteem must start from the very early age. You can see your child facing most of the challenges in life without looking back for any support.

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