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Recently, there is a hot News reports smoking will be prohibited in many indoor public places, workplaces, public vehicles and other outdoor workplaces in mainland of China since Jan of 2011 by Chinese government. Therefore, the Chinese Ministry of Health stipulates that the employees who take the initiative in quitting smoking for one year will be rewarded 500 Yuan. While those who are caught smoking in the office building or displaying tanks will be given a notice of criticism.

In order to help people to quit smoking, this awarded measure has aroused large numbers of people's attention. Why don't people quit smoking by themselves rather than by the rules. Actually, it is not only a simple question about right or wrong on winning prize by quitting smoking, because different people will get different ideas for such kind of issue. But for me, I think we'd better think the basic of people.

It is true that there are huge numbers smokers in China, even some young people can smoke! We can't ignore the reason that such an awarded measures are taken by the health ministry, what they did is aimed to find a solution for quitting smoking and better our air environment around. So it is necessary to forbid smoke in public place, including political measures and social measures whether it is feasible and useful or not, we should try it.

On the country, we all know that smoking is hazardous to health. According to the experts' research that smoking makes one feel headache, tired and there are also many people die from tobacco-related diseases every year. In addition, smoking is not only bad to the smoker's health, also terrible to the nearby people. If the smokers could wake up to this point and recognize this, I think it will be easier to quit smoking, though this may be harder for the smoker themselves. We also know that the smokers can't give up smoking, not because they really have no method, but they are willing not to do consciously. Some people can't stand up the painful process, so they can't succeed. Some people have given up the smoking successfully, but when their smoking friends tempt them with smoke, or they will smoke again because of some own reasons.

Though some people may think this prize is not important and they smoke may not for others but position, status and interest, think about all, smoking or health, the choice is yours.


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