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Hiring managers are often found analyzing the cause for their teams not being able to meet hiring targets. They rely on reports created by recruiters to know about hiring metrics, which may or may not be accurate.

Many loopholes may exist in your system that might be roadblock for your recruiters to perform as per expectations. To avoid such gaps, it is important that you switch over to modern techniques of recruitment that will help you stay ahead of competition and will also help you to identify gaps in your system and fix them as early as possible.

So, how exactly will recruitment software help you with your recruitment processes? Recruitment software offers many features which help you integrate and streamline all recruitment related processes.

A systematic approach towards recruiting will improve your professional image. It also ensures prospective candidates have a good experience during the process and do not fall out of the recruitment funnel half way through the process.

Get a Centralized Database

Recruitment database software provides a centralized resume database that can be easily leveraged by recruiters across the organization. Resumes sourced need not be stored in files and folders that make retrieval of resumes difficult. It also eliminates duplication of resumes so that the same candidates are not approached over and over again.

Another advantage of having a centralized database provided by recruitment software is that it helps integrate the recruitment system. Resumes obtained from various sources like employee referrals and corporate website can be compiled at one place and are made available to all recruiters.

Control your Recruitment Pipeline

Getting a clear picture of your recruitment pipeline at all points of time is possible with recruitment automation using recruitment management software. Details of open positions, vacancies, candidates in process and pending offers can be viewed as soon as you log in. Various reports can also be generated and viewed to analyze what’s working for your system and fix loopholes in your hiring system

Use Productivity Tools

With a recruitment software in place, recruiters are equipped with many productivity tools that they could use to get done with their daily mundane tasks faster. Productivity tools such as automated to-do lists, resume parser, reminders, mass mail and shared calendar help improve recruiter efficiency to a great extent by allowing them to focus on obtaining the best talent, faster.

Communicate Better

Another time consuming tasks for recruiters, that hampers recruitment efficiency and at times also leads to miscommunication, would be coordinating with vendors. The vendor portal feature offered by recruitment software helps easy interaction with vendors when it comes to things like publishing positions, status of candidates, etc.

Recruitment software can certainly help identify gaps in your system and fix them if the right solution is used. The software you choose should suit your hiring needs and should be able to integrate well with all your processes. Invest in a quality recruitment software to see how it improves your hiring efficiency in no time!

What DO We offer?

Nitman’s flagship product, Talentpool is a recruitment software, made specifically to address the needs of corporates. Talentscout, the latest product caters to the needs of staffing firms and placement consultants.

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