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How To Apply False Eyelashes

False lashes can make a really big difference on a night out and add impact but they can be a little fiddly to apply so in a few simple steps using a video demonstration, we're going to show you how easy it can be.

Always apply all your other make up first as the false lashes should go on last. So the first thing to do is hold the lash up to your eye and check that it fits. Just hold it up and check that it doesn't come too far on the inner corner or too far in the outer corner.

If the false lash comes a little bit far on the inner or outer corner of the eye so you just need to trim it from the outside. If you trim it from the outside it stops you losing the lovely smooth finish on the inner corner and that's the bit that people look at the most.

The next thing you need to do is load up the lashes with glue. Getting the glue right is really important to how the lash stays on. Pay special attention to the ends of the lash as these are the parts that will hold the lash on. Once you've applied the glue, leave it to go tacky for about a minute.

Now you're going to tilt your head back and you're going to look down into a mirror. Use a tweezer, hold the false eyelash at the centre and just place the centre on, right on to your lash line. Because the glue's tacky it should really grip.

Next, take the tweezers again and line up the inner corner, pushing gently. Then take the tweezer and apply to the outer corner. If the glue isn't tacky, the lash wouldn't stick well.

Check that there's a completely smooth line on the inner corner, no steps or kinks.

Now for the second lash:

Take the lash by the centre, tilt your head back, down into the compact, over the lashes and place the centre down using your own lashes as a guide. Then grab hold of that inner corner and place it right down on your lash line using the tweezers just to position it.

If you got it right there's no step or kinks, so it's a nice smooth edge. Pinch the outer corner to fix it fully in place.

So once you've applied the lash, look in the mirror and check that the inner corner is completely smooth and sits onto your own lash line and that the outer corner is completely smooth and doesn't drag your eye down. You can add some mascara or just keep it simple keep it simple.

Girls, don't be afraid to try false eyelashes because practice makes perfect!

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