Painting a self-portrait is a useful mean for an artist to hone his skill in drawing the human face in its various expressions. While it can be a breeze to sketch another person’s face, it is totally different when it comes to drawing your own
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I wanted to learn how to draw a rose so that I could use the symbol of the rose in the letters that I write to my wife. I get more pleasure out of sitting at the desk with a pencil and paper and writing my wife than I do sending her an email.
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I have a son who has shown a lot of interest in my cartoons. He has helped me come up with some story lines and we have made some of my characters into little comics. We have a few favorite characters that we work with.
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If you want to learn to draw then you're going to find the tips that are outlined below to be useful. Continue reading if you'd like to learn more. Lots of people, just like you, want to know how to draw but they're not sure what they can do.
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How to choose pens and protectors Once you gather your glue, paper, photos, embellishments, etc, you will need to consider ink to mark your scrapbook. Ink is important to label photos and embellishments, including adding dates, names, locations, etc. (...)
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Scrap booking is designed to keep families connected, recall past events, and to clear up clutter. Since 1998, millions of dollars were spent on materials to make scrapbooks. Since scrapbooks are popular, stores across the world are opening up shops. (...)
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Tablecloths add cover to your table, which can protect it from scratches, dents, etc. To craft a tablecloth you will need materials, finishing sizes, gauge structure, and directions. In view of the facts, we can present to you a few steps so that you can protect your...
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Now that you have created patterns to make your porcelain doll dress, you may want to add an apron to enhance her fashion. Aprons are relatively simple to make. You will need material, including 6 inches of light colored plain-woven fabrics (Batiste) to make your...
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If you intend to design a doll dress, you will need to measure your doll. To start you will need to measure the doll from the crown and down to the toes. If you have a baby doll, you will need to measure the chest region. Usually, the dolls have wider chests. (...)
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We have walked through the steps of creating the May basket, now it is time to craft your flowers. We have added handles, basket, etc, to your quilt, which at this time you should have created six blocks to make your basket. (...)
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Making an undercoat for Camille is easy providing you follow a few simple steps and have your materials gathered. You will need lace edge, fabric, thread, and the ability to sew. To start you begin French stitching the seams and gather the seams at the shoulder so...
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How to understand crochet basics To get started we can begin with crochet abbreviations to help you relate to the process. Crochet experts use the terms beg (Beginning) bet (Between), bk lp (Back loop) ch (chain), ch-(previous chain), cont (Continue), dc (double...
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How to design doll dress rosettes To get started making a rosette, you will need to run a suture, sewing it so that it stitches to crisscross the length of the ribbon. Pull up until it starts to meets. (...)
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Once you select your patterns, blocks, templates, etc, you will need to prepare your fabric. You will need to consider how to organize your blocks, once you gather the necessary amount needed to complete your project. You want to consider your borders as well. (...)
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Smocks are fun; rather making the bodice of a porcelain dress is an adventure that leads to joy. To get started however you will need to consider design. How to choose design your smock: In the first row, you will need to knit stitch your design into the 799 DMC. (...)
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Threads are important when crafting quilts. You will need certain threads that match your fabric, as well as suitable supplies and needles. Yet, when you consider matching threads to your fabric, you will also need to consider a few other details. (...)
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When you start your quilt, you will need patterns, such as rectangles, squares, cut strips, and so on. Once you gather your patterns, you will need cutting tips to complete your quilt. Cutting the strips: When you begin to cut your strips, you will need to align...
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Patches can make up a fashionable, yet old-style quilt that will last for a long time to come. To create patchwork you will need fabric. You merely cut the pieces of your fabric to form patches and design, stitching in simple numerical lines. (...)
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Stationary paper makes a great design for any scrapbook. Stationary paper helps you to craft fun pages, basic layouts, extraordinary captions and more. Crafters can purchase stationary paper at any craft shop, stationary store, or scrapbook department. (...)
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No you are not going to craft a quilt with freezer paper, unless you know something I don’t, but you are going to use freezer paper to perform the steps in basic appliqué. The process is simple, and makes quilting easy. (...)
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