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Acid Reflux: How Women Are Affected

Nothing proves the connection of women with Acid reflux disease better than the study done by Dr B. Jacobson in Boston.

Turns out that 10,545 women were presented a questionnaire which asked them how often, how severely, and how long they suffered from Acid Reflux (GERD) symptoms. They were categorized according to their Body Mass Index(BMI).women suffer with acid stomach

The results :

  • 22% had Acid Reflux symptoms once a week or more. Of all the women who had had symptoms at some time, 55% described them as moderate.
  • Those with a BMI under 20 were 33% less likely to suffer from Acid Reflux than those with a BMI between 20-22.4.
  • Women with a BMI of 22.5-24.9 had a 38% higher chance of having Acid Reflux symptoms in comparison with the 20-22.4 BMI group.
  • And we need to remember, that women with a BMI higher than 25 are classed as overweight. And obese.

Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

Another factor unique to women, pregnancy, also has something to do with Acid Reflux. Pregnant women have increased levels of hormones, which decrease the pressure on the muscle and block reflux. Also there is an increased pressure from the baby in the lower abdomen. due to the hugely expanded uterus. All these conditions during pregnancy tend to increase discomfort. Hence pregnant women are more prone to acid reflux. At the same time, the physical situation makes it very difficult for them when it happens.

There are simple measures that a pregnant woman can take to reduce the possibility of Acid Reflux. Besides taking appropriate diet, it is the way the woman drinks her water that makes a difference. Pregnant women are advised to drink eight glasses of water a day. The thing to bear in mind is to have these, in-between meals, instead of with meals. Drinking along with meals, the sheer volume pressures the stomach wall to expand, and then the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) feels more pressure, forcing it to open inappropriately. Hence, it is really recommended that in particular, pregnant women drink more water and other fluids in between meals, instead of with meals.

Other Issues For Acid Reflux Sufferers

Women prone to Acid Reflux may also be at risk for what is called Laryngopharyngeal reflux, or a case of stomach acids landing up, pouring into, and affecting your larynx or voice box.. A typical age for onset here is 57, and though obese women are at risk, this condition, is usually seen in thin tall women. The activity of the esophageal muscle trying to hold down acid that is trying to back up from the stomach, leads to a “voice box fatigue” situation, and many women suffer on waking up, from a gravelly voice, and a feeling of a lump in the throat. .

Those women who suffer from the above symptoms are well advised to consult gastrointestinal practitioners.

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