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Blending Smoothies For Cancer Patients And Survivors

Cancer, said to be the leading cause of death today, claimed more than 7 million lives in 2008 alone. Because of this, the search for a cure is not confined to pharmaceutical companies; even ordinary homes are interested in coming up with concoctions that can shore up people’s chances to prevent, survive and recover from the dread disease. The smoothie is one of the most popular ways to create a blend of foods for beating cancer. While mainstream medicine may not place much value on the efficacy of smoothies as anti-cancer remedies, there is no denying that these can help the beleaguered patient’s body obtain nutrition and build up resistance.

A Smoothie a Day to Keep Cancer Away

Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure and many health enthusiasts believe that a daily breakfast smoothie made of anti-oxidants can help keep the big C at bay. Smoothies for cancer can be both healthful and delicious. If you or a loved one wants to take a proactive step towards preventing cancer, here’s a morning treat you will surely enjoy.


• 1 very ripe banana (the ones with plenty of black spots are best for this purpose)
• 1 1/2 cups blueberry (frozen is fine)
• 1/2 cup seeded, organic tomatoes
• 1 drop of vanilla
• 1/2 cup finely crushed ice
• ½1/2 cup almond milk


Blend everything together and serve for breakfast. If you want to prepare this in bulk, blend the first five ingredients and freeze in bags. Add the almond milk and blend again before serving.

Smoothies for Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation and Chemotherapy

Patients undergoing radiation often suffer from upset stomach and an unpleasant taste as well as soreness in the mouth. A smoothie that is high in protein and good carbohydrates would be a big help for those who have difficulty swallowing. For those who are struggling to take in any kind of sustenance, there is an easy-to-prepare, nourishing, and tasty smoothie. Begin by taking a can of prepared high-nutrition drink in the flavor you prefer. Usually these drinks come in chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. Mix this with half a cup of almond or soya powder and freeze until thick. Throw into the blender and serve. If you use vanilla or blueberry, you can add some fresh fruit for its vitamin C and fiber content.

Recently, there has been a lot of acclaim for several tropical fruits that used to be considered relatively exotic. One is the pomegranate and the other is the soursop. Both fruits make fine-tasting smoothies that are not a sacrifice at all to consume.

To make a pomegranate smoothie, use two cups of pomegranate juice, half a banana, ice and a drop of vanilla. Throw everything into the blender, puree and serve cold. Pomegranate contains a lot of potassium so find out from your doctor how good your potassium level is. If it needs building up, a pomegranate smoothie would be the answer for you. Take care that it is not too high because then pomegranate would not be beneficial for you. This fruit also mixes well with watermelon, strawberry, or banana.

The soursop is an even easier ingredient to turn into a cancer-fighting smoothie. In the past five years, advocates of alternative healing practices have sung the praises of this fleshy, somewhat fibrous fruit. To create a delicious smoothie, throw into the blender two cups of soursop pulp, a little protein powder, and ice and almond milk. The resulting smoothie is unbelievably good.

For cancer patients, wellness gurus swear by other smoothies. However, these are an acquired taste. Here is a recipe for a smoothie that survivors have shared based on benefits they personally experienced.


• 1 bitter melon (available in Asian stores)
• 1 medium-sized broccoli
• 1 carrot
• 5 stalks of celery


Puree all ingredients together and apportion into 1/2 cup servings to be consumed daily throughout treatment and after.

While many doctors look skeptically at the ability of smoothies to cure cancer, the fact remains that smoothies can provide vitamins, minerals, nutrition and fiber – all of which can help the cancer patient become stronger and better able to engage in a long, hard fight.

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