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Giving Your Bathroom A Much Needed Makeover For Less

The bathroom is a room in the house that is used everyday, but for some reason it is usually the most outdated room in the home. Updating your bathroom adds resale value to your home, but best of all it gives you a new bathroom. If you do not have a large budget, no worries. It can be done quite reasonably. This article will give you some great money saving tips for updating your bathroom on a budget. Even home improvement gurus can benefit from this valuable advice.

Many bathrooms in older houses are wallpapered. Renting a steamer is a great way to easily remove the old wallpaper. You can always score the wall, wet it and scrape it off, but a steamer is faster, more efficient and will give you less of a headache. Once the wallpaper is removed you can prime the walls, and then paint them a color of your choosing. Just doing this alone can really change the whole look of your bathroom.

Tip: It's best to have structure when doing any home improvement project. Work out the costs, the time required for your project and what the finished project will look like.

Replacing your toilet is not as complicated as you might think. There are many wonderful websites that can easily walk you though the process from start to finish. Replacing your old toilet with a new water saving one can have quite a positive impact on your water bill.

If your vanity is outdated it might be time to get a new one. They can be relatively inexpensive and you can even find them for free online. If replacing the vanity is not an option, then painting it, changing the hardware and replacing the fixtures can give it a completely different look. This is relatively inexpensive to do, and can add resale value if you decide to sell down the road.

Tip: You can enhance the entrance of your home just by adding a fresh coat of paint along with a cheerful welcome mat. The entrance reflects how welcoming your home is.

If your lighting in the bathroom is dim, or outdated that can be easily fixed. Replacing light fixtures with newer, sleeker ones can work wonders. You might even find fixtures in your own house that would look great in the bathroom. Be creative. Switching your regular light bulbs for energy saving ones can help save you money on your lighting bill, while brightening the room up at the same time.

Replacing a bathtub is an expensive and involved job that you should not tackle yourself. Luckily, however, refinishing your bathtub can be done by anyone regardless of their skill level. Refinishing your bathtub gives it a brand new look, without the outrageous costs associated with replacing it.

Tip: You can create a stenciled design for your walls yourself, or find one on the Internet that you like. Laminate a few copies at a copy shop and cut out each pattern with a craft knife.

If your bathroom has a window to the outside, consider changing your curtains. Changing the curtains can give the bathroom a different look. To really change things up, swap out your shower curtain for a new one, and throw a new bath rug on the floor. The new sets of curtains and rug will change your bathroom's look, without costing a fortune.

Giving your bathroom a face lift does not have to break the bank. There are many changes that you can make to alter the look of your bathroom without much home improvement experience and without spending a fortune. Apply the tips from this article to update your bathroom on a budget.

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