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15 Home Decor Hacks that Will Instantly Improve Your Home

The best part about owning a house is you can customize it just the way you want. Whether you are creating extra storage or decorating it, there are several home décor hacks that allow you to be creative without having to spend a fortune.

Your space demands your attention and that is why interior designers stress upon making the most out of your nooks and corners. Even the simplest of upgrades can give a new look or add freshness to the way your house looks. Here are 15 smart home décor hacks to fix design and space problems for giving your home a makeover:

1.    Command Hooks
Easy to install and functional, command hooks can be placed anywhere in your house. Select the area where you want to use them for hanging pots or other stuff as they do not require a drill for making holes.

2.    Toilet Rolls
Don’t throw away your used toilet or tissue rolls just yet. You can use these to beautify your walls with a little creativity. Paint the core of the rolls before folding them to whatever design you want and make a pattern on a dull wall. This is a useful hack for decorating your child’s room. The inside of the rolls can also be used as storage spaces for keeping small toys or cars in place.
3.    Old Necklaces
Take out those old rhinestone accessories for giving a vintage look to your living area. Old necklaces can be used for tying curtains or as simple decorations.
4.    Hang a Mirror
We all know how mirrors are used to create the illusion of a bigger living area. Use a rope for hanging small or medium sized mirrors to give a contemporary look. You can also place a lamp under a mirror to enhance its effect in the night. 
5.    Wine Bottles
Keep those empty wine bottles for making great looking vases. Wash them thoroughly and place them on the table top to store plants or fill them up with other creative stuff. They look gorgeous with flowers and just about anything.
6.    Increase Storage
Unclaimed corner spaces and walls are the best storage spaces for converting them into open cupboards or shelves. You can also cut extra or unused shelves for installing them into these spaces. Keep your shoes, books or toys that are otherwise scattered throughout the house.

7.    Transform an Old Table
There’s no need to buy new furniture when you can transform old pieces into new and functional items. Be creative and use fabric pieces, decoupage paper or simply give them a coat of your favorite bright shade of paint for revamping them. You can use cutout objects to paste on old tables if you want to decorate something for your children’s room.
8.    Re-Invent Your Pots
Bored with your old pots? Re-invent them by buying cheap colorful pots of a more contemporary design or use your talent to redesign an old pale. Paint old shelves and hang them to place your new or refreshed pots in the living area or kitchen.
9.    Replace Curtains
Not all curtains are expensive. Invest some money into buying some colorful curtains. You can also make them at home by cutting a bed duvet in half for making new curtains. Replace your shower curtains or give your bathroom a new look by simply replacing your shower rod. You can also replace your window curtains or dye them in your favorite color for complementing your home design.
10.    Use Washi Tape
You may have come across Washi tape without realizing that apart from being a cute Japanese masking tape, it is a great accessory for your home décor projects. It is nothing like the regular colored tape that is usually low quality. This tape comes in subdued or bright colors in a variety of designs. You can use these to replace heavy oak frames or for transforming old belongings to transform them into creative pieces of art.
11.    Use Dark Lampshades
Instead of buying new lamps for your living area or bedroom, buy a pair of new lamp shades. If you find it too costly, poke holes or make a pattern in your existing lampshades for a brighter effect.
12.    Use Old Crates Outdoors
Have you ever thought of hiding your outside air-conditioning system? Find all old boxes or crates lying in your garage. Dismantle them and simply encase the A/C unit with them. Make sure you leave enough ventilation. To add to the curb appeal, paint the case to your liking and dress it up with some plants and greenery.
13.    Line Up Your Jars   
You can use a plank of wood and use hose clamps for hanging cute or colorful glass jars. Just what you need to create extra storage with a creative twist.
14.    Use Your Fireplaces
Fireplaces are often left ignored. However, these are great spaces for decorating your home. Arrange candles or place artificial plants for igniting a boring fireplace.
15.    Good Old Wallpaper
An old home décor hack that never goes out of style! Boldly printed wallpaper is sometimes just what you need to freshen up your home. You can also buy cheap wallpaper remnants from your local wallpaper stores to make your own design.

About The Author:
Elena has great passion for all things home design and décor. She is the content executive at Renergy ltd. When she’s not writing, Elena loves to travel to exotic places around the world.

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