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Only when the number of customers goes up does a business continue expanding itself. As far as competitive markets are concerned, business growth is more dependent on the overall volumes. Expansion of a business is possible through effective marketing strategies to promote a brand, product, or business.

What exactly is effective marketing? Simply put, it is the science or art of achieving maximum exposure of one's name to that specific field of business. For example, if someone were to send a package, they would instinctively think of FedEx.

Search engines Google and Bing are among the most popular sources of information on the web and their utility as automatic answering machines will keep increasing in the future. Be it a search for a food joint or for a space shuttle manufacturer, search engines are the go to solution for all queries.

Most of the attention is received by top ten search engine results, and of these 10, results 3 to 5 receive maximum user response. It is but obvious that you would want to stay on top of that list whenever a search for your business or product is entered.

Studies conducted by a number of private agencies demonstrate that having the right domain is the key to move your business to the top of this list.

Sounds great, but what is a right domain?

Objectively, the right domain is one that gets your business to the top of the search engine results page. How can you possibly get the right domain for your business?

A number of correlation analyses have demonstrated that web search is usually centered on the matching of exact query words with the domain name and not the complete keyword combinations in the portal, content, or associated URLs of the page. This means that the domain name has to be exactly right in terms of the product or the business one is marketing.

Search engines are more kind to keywords that cover a broader spectrum of a type of product or business, and studies have established this fact as well. A general keyword such as pizza covers a number of other keywords that consist of pizza in them.

There are a number of ways to spot the right domain name for a business, and there are no fixed approaches for all of them. One of the most effective ways to know if you have got the right domain is to see if a potential domain name gives some real results at the end of real tests. It's understood that you need to do your homework before you can select a potential domain name for such a test.

The potential domain name will be utilized as the headline of ads and also posted as PPC links in order to narrow down the long list of domain names.

The winning choice for the best domain name is one that gets the maximum CTR or Click Through Rate. CTR is defined as the number of times the link has been clicked as against the number of times the link has been shown. CTR is generally expressed as percentage.

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