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Menswear is sometimes misunderstood as being boring, with less opportunity for creativity than women's fashion. However, the trendy and festive menswear available this season proves that theory wrong. There are a number of ways that guys can dress up in style this holiday season, with hot new looks for every winter occasion.

To begin, the holidays usually bring with them a lot of formal events. From work Christmas parties to festive theatre shows to Christmas church services to holiday cocktail parties - there's usually at least one occasion each holiday season that will require you to dress up. Fortunately, there are a range of sharp men's suits available for those special Christmas occasions. Whether you prefer skinny fit suits or standard slim fit suits, you can find the suit to match your personal fashion point of view. To add a bit of seasonal flare to your suit, you can choose a tie in the Christmas colours of red or green. Or, a thicker suit, such as one made of tweed, can also add a bit of festivity to your look, as it represents classic cold-weather fashion.

Aside from suits, there are a variety of other trends to choose from this winter. Accessories are one of the best ways to add a bit of seasonal pizazz to your overall look without going too over the top. For example, instead of wearing a tacky Santa's hat, you can choose a trendy knitted beanie in a similar red colour. Gloves and mittens are another opportunity to add a splash of Christmas colour to your wardrobe. Finally, footwear is a major accessory to consider this winter. Tan or brown leather boots, for example, are a festive and practical choice. When paired with thick denim jeans and a checked shirt, leather boots can complete that rugged, outdoorsy look.

Another festive yet practical look that is on trend this winter are chunky cardigans, which offer warmth as well as a classic, sophisticated style. Cable-knit cardigans have a very timeless, if not vintage, look to them. The intricate knitting patterns and thick wooden buttons conjure up images of a ski lodge in the '50s or '60s. You can pair chunky cardigans with chinos, denim jeans, cords or even suit trousers for a smart/casual look.

Thus, smart suits, rugged boots and classic knitwear are all ways of looking festive this holiday season. The wintertime requires you to have a range of formal and casualwear, and it's a good idea to stock up on warm clothing for those extra chilly days. However, just because an item of clothing serves a practical purpose does not mean that it cannot also be festive and stylish. Choosing warm, weather-proof accessories and garments in a festive colour or pattern allows you to be both practical and festive at the same time.

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