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Avoiding Common Interior Design and Decorating Mistakes

By Andrew Regan

Andrew Regan

Designing a home interior is indeed challenging especially with the need to make everything both functional and aesthetically pleasing. At times, the desire either to maintain consistency or to create a theme usually leads to some of the biggest interior design and decorating mistakes that defeat the purpose of beautifying the home or any of its rooms. Knowing where others have gone wrong can help you in avoiding the same mistakes.

Bringing the East to the West

People who are fond of Asian cities get too carried away by the exotic places and want to create their own little version at home. There is nothing wrong in bringing souvenirs to remind them of the places visited, but it becomes inappropriate to fashion a tropical lanai in a completely different setting. There is the need to maintain respect for the place where home is by simply accentuating a corner with tokens as subtle cue of a favorite holiday destination.

Art that Meets the Eyes

One of the most common interior design and decorating mistakes is the failure to find the right height for hanging artworks. Homeowners hang them on improper height that is either too high or too low. Artworks always grab the attention of visitors and they want to see the works within eye level. Do not make people crane their necks or bow down low just to look at the pieces of art. Knowing how to proportion the height correctly according to the wall and room style can help in improving the general appearance of the entire space.

Organized Cluttering

In the process of organizing furniture and d├ęcor items, people tend to clutter the home with several items here and there. There is always the tendency to place everything on sight even if they do not match or complement each other at all. Too much clutter makes the room appear smaller and can pose danger to children. Maintain a minimum number of items for display and keep unnecessary articles in the stock room. This can result to more free space to move around. Invest only on what is essential in beautifying the house interiors.

It is similar to overcrowding the room with too many furnishings. It is enough to have a single coffee table, a lone armchair, or one couch in the living room. Apart from having plenty of space to move around, it also allows more air to circulate and leaves the occupants refreshed and relaxed.

interior design is an art

Decorate according to Your Lifestyle

People tend to decorate without considering the kind of lifestyle they lead or what purpose the room serves. For instance, using white fabrics for the sofa, curtains, or bed sheets is impractical for households with small children who prefer to romp barefooted and love to touch things with dirty hands. Do not exhaust yourself reprimanding them or trying to remove stains from the fabrics unless you really did not see it coming.

In the Rush to Buy Things

This mistake usually occurs when racing to buy things that need to be bought the last. In most instances, people already buy paint because their minds are set upon specific colors they want for the house interiors. It is important to remember that paint will not run out of stores but it can definitely ruin the entire picture once the colors do not match with the furniture and other accessories for the room. It is always wise to have the movable articles first then find the perfect paint color rather than doing it the other way around.

Improper Lighting

Low lights can create drama and romance, but what happens the moment all lights are on? Lighting decides the emotion of any space. A room flooded with too much light can make its occupants feel like they are on center stage, while shortage of lighting can cause a creepy effect. Always find the right lighting fixtures to install in the room to achieve the right ambience for it.

Not all Sizes Fit Well

Homeowners often commit the mistake of buying furniture that is not appropriate for the room dimensions. At times, oversize furniture eats most of the space and barely leaves enough area for other items. Measure the area first when choosing and buying furniture. The first thing to confront is in knowing if the furniture in mind can be managed to fit through the doors.

People design the house interior to make it more functional, pleasant, and beautiful. However, committing common interior design and decorating mistakes can sometimes worsen the house previous condition. At times, it may even cost the house owner more money for repairs or for replacing other items. Knowing what mistakes to avoid can help designing home interiors more fun even without the help of professional decorators.

There is always the tendency to place everything on sight even if they do not match or complement each other at all.

you have to have a good eye to make a beautiful room

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