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Interior Design and Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

By Andrew Regan

Andrew Regan

Decorating small spaces uses many tricks to deceive the eyes to see a large space. Whether one is designing an apartment, a loft, condo, a tiny bathroom or a nook, there are myriads of interior design and decorating tips to be used in whatever little space that needs a major make-over.

Owning a small area provides more benefits when it comes to designing and decorating it. There is little space involved thus it is more cost effective in terms of all the required elements and components to complete the job. Although there is less room for movement, it does not lessen versatility in applying the most functional interior design and decorating tips to produce charm, security, and relaxation. Here is a list of ideas on how to convert a small area with the character of space successfully.

Avoid Dark Colors

Dark colors splashed on walls, furnishings and accessories make one feels claustrophobic. A small room painted in dark colors appears tight and closed-in; thus, it needs to be painted in light colors to make the walls recede farther. Light colors can make a small room looks larger, airier and brighter. Consider using neutral and pastel colors of green, light blue and beige.

Measure the Scale and Proportion

Find the right size of furniture or accessories for a small area. Filling the space with a large sofa barely allows other items to fit in, while choosing a small one can leave blank spaces. Balance the dilemma by combining pieces of large and small furniture to mount the available spaces exactly. Try complementing a long couch with a footstool to achieve a proportional arrangement of furniture.

Maintain the Color Scheme on the Floors

The eyes tend to follow the pattern from the floor to the ceiling. Maintaining a single color scheme creates the illusion of continuity and opens more spaces as they recede to highlight the other parts. Treating the floor differently breaks the illusion and makes it as entirely separate thus producing a smaller space within its boundaries.

try to use the space you have as well as possible

Remove the Clutter

A room overflowing with furniture, accessories, bits, and pieces of collectibles and assortment of knick-knacks is not much different from a room painted in dark colors. These clutters darken the vision as they block the lighting source and close some areas. Choose only the things worth showing off and keep unnecessary ones in the stock room. In most cases, minimalism creates more statements.

Install the Right Lighting Fixtures

Create more depth, drama, and dimension by installing three sources of light that bounce in the right direction. Avoid over and under lighting as both can create undesirable effects. The use of mirror is an effective trick in reflecting natural and artificial light.

Choose Simple Window Treatments

Intricate or elaborate window frames can dwarf a small room. Window treatments are meant to accentuate the shape or structure thus it is enough to use a design that simply allows the air and light in. The simpler the style is the more it naturally complements the wall instead of disjoining it.

Accentuate with Architectural Details

Break monotony in a small room by adding some ceiling moldings or panel rails. In the past, these architectural details are thought appropriate for larger spaces only. Today, they can be used to provide ornate visual charm to small areas as well.

Maximize Vertical Space

The need for more space is only realized after everything has been set in place. All the clutter that has been removed need storage. It is a good thing that the walls are still empty because it is the ideal place to hang shelves or built-in cabinets to keep what must be hidden away.

If you think nothing can be done to improve a small space, think again. The challenge lies in applying some clever interior design and decorating tips that can even trick the occupants into believing they have a large space that can accommodate big changes.

Avoid over and under lighting. The use of mirror is an effective trick in reflecting natural and artificial light.

in small spaces, creativity is even more important

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