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How To Improve The Value Of Your Home With Quick And Cheap Upgrades

Maintaining your home can be a chore with our hectic schedules, but it can not only be a worthwhile use of our time, it can increase the value of your home as well. Now don't panic and think that it is expensive to do so because it isn't nor do you need professionals to do the job for you. This article will point out some simple and low cost improvements you can make to your home that will not only make it visually appealing, but also increase its value in the marketplace.

Tip: If you have been dealing with a hard water problem, try this solution. A water softener should be used to filter water.

Landscaping is the first thing everyone sees when the visit or drive by your home. It says who you are and even gives the neighborhood itself a small facelift. There is always more to a yard than cutting the grass, hedging the lawn and trimming trees. Try going to your favorite store and purchasing some landscaping stones for a new walkway or to line the walk and garden you have. Its easy to do and makes a huge difference in the appearance of your property. Another fun project is to install a small pond with a waterfall. There are cheap kits you can purchase that include the tub or liner, as well as the pumps and other accessories for no more than what you spend eating out during the week. Give the kids a shovel and tell them to start digging. Once they are done, you can step in and level out the whole to drop it in. This feature will often increase the value of the home several hundred dollars or more depending on if you go crazy decorating the area around it.

Tip: If your home has stained outdated carpet, you should consider updating with wood flooring. Wood floors last much longer than carpet and never go out of style.

Most people have a basement that is unfinished to some capacity and do little more than pile junk in it. What if you took that storage space and organized it with cheap shelving and storage units? This is ideal for a home where a room needs to be painted or trimmed up. Once those tasks are complete, you install the mentioned storage units and you have a furnished room that can be altered at a later date to an office that again raises the value of your home. People want storage space and a finished area with permanent units and fixtures will be more appealing if you ever choose to sell.

Tip: Paint stripes on walls in the color of your paneling before the paneling is installed. No matter how carefully you install paneling, it seems the old wall sometimes peeks through.

Interior decor is a big thing with today's generation. The good part of this is that it costs little to upgrade for the modern look. Paint is cheap and little knick knacks and newer counter top appliances are at an all time low as far as price. For less than two hundred dollars you could give the kitchen a complete makeover without purchasing new major appliances.

As you can see in the tips above, you can easily and cost-effectively bring some light and value to your current home by setting aside a little bit of time and visiting your favorite store. You can make these family fun projects that all will be proud to take part of because we all honestly want to change how our homes look. Following these tips will allow you to do so cheaply and effectively.

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