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How to Become A Member Of The Planet Love Match Online Dating Community?

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There's only two ways to enroll with, the first is to be invited to join by an existing Planet Love Match member. Every Member has a personal referral link they can share with associates, family or even complete strangers - you could glimpse some advertising banners or articles concerning Planet Love Match that have the unique link that you will need. Also, Members can refer people by giving them their Planet Love Match referral email. For example, my referral email address is armyofexperts AT (switch the AT with the usual @ symbol!)

It seems a strange method to establish an online dating agency, to have folks invited to participate, but Planet Love Match is not a conventional online dating site. This is actually more like a social networking site but one where members are into finding new romantic relationships. For this reason, the site management wishes to build a community wherein decent folks can socialize, get new relationships and fall in love without needing to deal with crooks and fraudsters. If there is some check over who joins the online dating site the administration knows that the number of unscrupulous and dishonest people that plagues other online dating sites will be reduced right down, making the experience much more relaxed and agreeable for all.

Of course you can always use my address: armyofexperts AT (substitute AT with the normal @ sign!) And I will be delighted to discover you on my friends list inside. You can ask me questions and I will do my best to help you.

you never know who you might find

If you do not want to avail yourself of my referral address, you can search for "Planet Love Match reference e-mail" in Google, Bing, Yahoo! et cetera. From there you should discover more referral emails from more Planet Love Match members. Also, you can keep an eye open for Planet Love Match web banners. Members may choose to utilize the web banners to get more members. When you come to the join page by clicking on a web banner you are automatically sanctioned to join without needing a referral email.

We also take matters a step further. Once members are VIPs (Validated Identity Profile) a process to check that they are a real person, you can decide to become an affiliate; afterward you will obtain multiple additional benefits, including double points and double rewards.

By offering what could potentially be a highly rewarding Affiliate Referral Program Planet Love Match stands superior to the online dating mass. PLM want you to assist them foster a healthy community. But, whereas many dating and community sites become rich by mining your own info for advertising, or by forcing you to pre-pay for months of membership in order to reply to messages and contacts from members, PlanetLoveMatch.Com's laid-back, pay-as-you-go paradigm and their Member Reward Points will remunerate you for being socially active.

This is actually more like a social networking site but one where members are into finding new romantic relationships.

there's someone out there for everyone

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