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How To Clean Your Fake Christmas Tree

By Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones

Decorating the home for Christmas can be expensive, that is why many people opt to set up a fake Christmas tree. Apart from being cheaper than a real Christmas tree, an artificial one can be dismantled, stored, and used repeatedly. However, in spite of being kept in sealed storage, there will come a time that dust and dirt will accumulate and become potential health risks to the entire household.

If the time of the year has come for you to bring out the fake Christmas tree, be sure to perform a thorough cleaning process. This will make the tree look fresh and impressive in spite of the many years it has served its purpose. Cleaning it can also provide you with an ounce of confidence knowing the family is safe from unwanted allergens.

Pre-Christmas Cleaning

Remove all the parts from the box and spread them near the area where you want to position the tree. Spread out a large sheet of paper around the tree base to catch all the falling debris. Clean each part of the tree as you go about setting up in sections. If your tree is pre-assembled, clean it before erecting on the spot. Take the sheet out and dispose properly. Replace with a fresh sheet of paper.

Secure the tree once it has been erected. Proceed to vacuum. Make sure to change the vacuum cleaner bag and clean the filter to prevent dusts from spreading out. Use only soft bristle brush attachment to avoid damaging the tree.

Keep a distance of about 1/2 to one inch away from the tree to avoid sucking the branches into the vacuum nozzle. Work the vacuum brush all over the branches and trunk of the tree. Start from the topmost branches down to the base of the tree.

Use warm water and a little amount of mild dish soap to wash and remove the musty odor that developed during storage. Avoid cleaning with too much water and soap as this can affect the adhesives on the tree. Also, don’t use harsh cleaning solution because it may cause discoloration. Mild shampoo can also be used in lieu of dish soap.

Wash the tree with a dish towel soaked in warm water and mild soap or shampoo. Wring the towel well before wiping the tree. If there are built-in lights, make sure the tree is unplugged. Work from top to bottom by wiping in sections. Replace the water once it becomes dirty.

If the tree has become delicate due to age, avoid vacuuming otherwise you can end up with a bald Christmas tree. Simply wipe the branches with a damp rag or use a soft whisk broom to remove the dust. This can mean dust flying all over the area, but you can practically keep the old holiday tree in its good shape. Remove the sheet underneath and dispose properly.

Allow the tree to dry in open air before decorating and hanging your Christmas ornaments.

keeping your christmas tree clean is important

Post-Christmas Cleaning and Care of Fake Christmas Tree

Remove all the decorations from the Christmas tree. Start vacuuming only once everything has been taken out. Repeat the vacuum process performed during the pre-Christmas cleaning.

Wash the tree all over again because dust and dirt had accumulated while the tree is in use. Perform the same washing procedure done when the tree was being set up. Work your way as you dismantle the branches or sections by laying them neatly to dry.

Restore the tree and its parts in their usual storage compartment after ensuring they are already completely dry. Place layers of old sheets inside the box, with excess layers hanging over the sides. Fold the excess layers over the tree to cover it before finally sealing the box.

You can achieve your goal to be economical during an expensive season by setting up a fake Christmas tree. The minimal upkeep it requires is what it takes to make your home aglow with a lovely sight that Christmas tree brings, whether fake or real.

Cleaning your Christmas tree can also provide you with an ounce of confidence knowing the family is safe from unwanted allergens.

you need a tree for every christmas

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