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How To Make Adwords Editor Work For You

Do you want Internet users to know about your products or services so that your business expands? In this Internet age, that is so easy to do with Google Adwords. You can put on view your ads on Google and on other Google advertising network without going over your budget. With Pay-Per-Click (PPC), advertisers only pay when a visitor click their ads. The more clicks, the better it is for the advertiser because it increases the traffic to their website that increases the probability and percentage of conversion. All of these help improve the ranking of a page or a website in the search engine.

Anyone who keeps a website and doing Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising needs to understand what the Adwords Editor does and how it works. This is important because it can make the entire business of advertising management a breeze. It is a free desktop application or a tool that anyone can download into their computer to make the managing of Adwords account easier. It was designed to be simple for easy navigation through the program. It is a valuable free tool for anyone dealing with numerous accounts or campaigns in Google Adwords.

One starts downloading by clicking the button options depending on the type of computer that the user has.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to use the Adwords Editor to better deal with your PPC accounts:

1. Take advantage of the special feature that allows making offline changes in the individual or multiple campaigns before posting them online. This is one of the best features of this tool that makes it possible to make corrections offline to prevent or minimize posting unconfirmed or tentative ads.

2. If you’re using all three advertising methods (contextual, mobile and image ads), this tool, allows you to add all of these simultaneously. This can be done by simply selecting as group and clicking the 'Add Multiple Text Ads/Mobile ads/Image Ads' enter the text or upload the images, then post.

3. To cut corners and save time, copy and paste keywords, ad text, ad groups and campaigns into your account or other separate accounts. This simply entails three steps: copy all that needs to be copied, go to the file drop down menu and click “Open new account” then paste.

using gGogle's Adwords Editor4. Do you have several ads to edit and want to save time? Look for the Find/Replace tool which is very similar to Microsoft Word and use the “Find” function and “Replace” with what you intend to replace it with.

5. Spotting errors is easy with Adwords Editor and fixing is as easy too. Once you get used to it, the work is very elementary.

6. Making advanced bids can be done in a few simple steps rather than change the bid in each account. The bids may be increased across top-performing keywords, ad groups, campaigns or placements. One goes about it by going to the Adwords UI then copy one bid from one keyword to several other pages. Or one can go and click “Advanced bid changes” for more variable bids. The minimum and maximum caps on bids may be set.

7. This tool can also help in copying campaign targeting settings for additional optimization there are certain adjustments that can be done within the day. How is this done? Get “recent changes” in AdWords Editor to download the settings you created in the UI. In the Campaigns tab, select the campaign that already has the targeting settings you need. Right click and select “Copy campaign shell”, and click on “Paste” next to any of those four settings. The alternative is to copy campaign settings fairly easily in the AdWords UI.

8. The Advanced Search is an effective tool that lets you apply multiple filters. This is often used to do QA outputs prior to posting especially when making complicated modifications in bulk. To apply this tool click on “Advanced search” or use the “View” drop-down menu to go to “Create or set custom view…” to add as many filters as needed.

Proficiency is acquired with frequent use of AdWords Editor. It can save time especially with the use of the advanced tools. It is definitely a tool than anyone doing Adwords and SEMs can’t live without.

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