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How A Few Hundred Words Can Transform Your Online Business Sales Figures


Today I’m going to write about a Presell pages and how they work with your own native advertising campaigns. This technique is used by many, if not most, top copywriters for the simple reason that it works!


First let’s have a brief definition of what native advertising is: 


Native advertising is disguised advertising that is designed to match the normal content of a website and page. It is often thought of as hidden advertising because it is both in the content and is the content.


And what is a presell page:


A presell page is designed to warm up a prospect to the idea of taking the next step toward making a purchase. It is a way to introduce a site visitor to your sales funnel without them noticing and erecting barriers.


This is why a good pre-sell page can be so effective, the content is leading site visitors to your real sales or lead generation page without a hard sell and, if done well, without the reader erecting her ‘anti-sales’ barriers.


Your pre-sell pages are central to the success of your sales campaign.


To create an effective pre-sell page you need to answer two questions:

1) What show stopper problem does your market have? (Every market niche has such a problem!) 

2) If your readers could have just one super power what would it be?


When you have answers to those two questions you will have found the topic for your first pre-sell page.



How To Write A Killer Pre-Sell Page


Writing a presell page is a process that can be adapted to any product in any market niche. I am going to describe that process from the top of the page to the bottom.


In essence what we will do is remind the reader what the showstopper problem is; then as we go down the page we will allude to the problem solution – taking care to not actually give the game away by telling what the solution actually is!


Starting out the page we will use an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) technique called a ‘Yes Set’. This is a series of questions that are all designed to elicit a ‘yes’ response. For example, I might start out by asking ‘Would you like to have more money?’ Automatically, almost everyone will, in their mind answer ‘yes!’. We are in agreement with each other. If we do this a couple of times, then the reader will start to feel that I understand them and that they can trust me.


As you work down the page you will start to outline the problem that they are facing, why they face the problem and what it means to them. If done well you should expect that the reader is finding herself agreeing with what you are describing to her. This is further building trust and credibility with you.


The trick here is to describe the problem better than they could do for themselves. At this point you can start to allude to a solution to their problem, one that they might not have tried before.


To summarise then, you start with the NLP Yes Sets, then you explain what the problem is and why it is happening. In order to build more trust, it is worthwhile seeking out some data about the topic, some research data, perhaps a study and refer to them in your writing. If possible, find some case studies for people who have already successfully used the solution that you are going to outline – this is called Social Proof and is very powerful as a persuasion tool.


Remember, this is all about building trust – as I was trained several decades ago, people buy from people and they only buy from people they trust. Everything we have done is about personalising our ‘conversation’ and building trust.


At this point you should be referring to the possibility of a solution and showing proof of its effectiveness, bring the reader around this loop several times and then give them the chance to close that loop for themselves by clicking on the link that you provide to get closer to the solution to the problem that they now see can be solved.


What we are doing here is juicing up the reader, getting their excitement levels raised, piquing their interest so that they WANT a solution right now. Then, when they are good and ready, eager for a solution, they must click the link at the bottom of your page to get to the problem’s solution. That’s where they will find your sales page, your lead gen page or wherever you wanted them to be.



Take Your Pre-Sell Page Strategy To The Next Level


For my copywriting clients I generally recommend that they set up a series of pre-sell pages, each one dealing with a different user benefit of the product being offered. It is also worthwhile to consider the possible objections to purchase that prospects might have and to write a presell designed to answer those objections. 


In short order by following this strategy your site will become a centre of authority about the product and niche in which you operate because most marketers do not take the trouble to do this small work. Each page is an opportunity get organic search visitors to click through to make purchases – I call these pages my ‘silent salesmen’.


So, there you have it in less than 900 words – how to create an effective pre-sell page. And because you want the job doing right, you should click here and see what Andrew Wilson can do to GET YOUR CLICKTHROUGH RATE UP NOW!

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