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Looking after your teeth is important for people of all ages. Your teeth serve vital functions for allowing you to eat a range of foods and improving digestion, and there are many serious health consequences associated with tooth decay - including heart conditions and diabetes. Even though our teeth are the hardest parts of our bodies, failing to take proper care can allow bacteria to multiply and erode the enamel, leaving painful cavities and putting your health at risk - not to mention ruining your smile.

Even with the significant advances in oral care and dentistry, many people still have problems with their teeth, and this is partly due to a lack of awareness of oral hygiene. Although many people know that too much sugar is bad for their teeth, and that strong coloured foods and drinks can lead to permanent teeth staining, comparatively few know the in-and-outs of what's good and bad for their teeth, and may not have the motivation to make changes to snacking habits that could be doing long term damage to their teeth.

The availability of artificially sweetened foods and cheap, processed food lacking in important minerals are major contributing factors to poor dental health. Sugar in food and drink is not only eaten by you, but also feeds the bacteria in your mouth, which multiply and produce more corrosive acid that damages your teeth. Just as important as avoiding consuming food and drink high in sugar content is making sure you clean your teeth and gums regularly, to clear away as much bacteria as possible from all parts of your mouth.

Most dentists recommend that teeth are brushed at least twice a day (with one time preferably just before bed). Each brushing session should last around two minutes and cover all areas of the mouth and gums, as well as the tongue which can also harbour bacteria and contribute to bad breath. Replace your toothbrush when the bristles become less firm and use floss to clean those hard to reach areas, such as small gaps between teeth. You may also benefit from using a fluoride-based mouthwash once a day.

Going to the dentist regularly is another important step in good teeth care. Taking out dental insurance can relieve the financial burden of visiting the dentist regularly, especially when you choose a policy that covers most or all the cost of any procedures such as fillings and extractions that you may require.

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