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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Dog Training Videos

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

The easiest way to learn techniques to train a dog is through watching DVD’s or online dog training videos that can be easily accessed free on the Internet. One of the obvious benefits is the possibility of viewing the videos in countless times until the dog owner gets the pointers by heart.

Dog training videos are the perfect solution for those dog owners who want to train their dogs by themselves. Watching the videos can open the window of learning how to teach dogs within the confines of home. While dog obedience training can be expensive, the videos offer the same information on house breaking, basic obedience, dog psychology, trick training, and even lessons on agility to prepare the dog for competition. This is just to name a few because there is more to learn aside from the basics. If this sounds attractive, then knowing the other benefits can make a newbie consider owning one of these helpful videos.

Benefits of Using Dog Training Videos

Like any regular videos, a dog training video can be purchased at an affordable price. Some can even be downloaded from the Internet for free while those who opt to buy online can have the item shipped to their doorstep within a number of days.

Applying the techniques learned from the video does not entail any transportation cost because training is done at home where it is most familiar and comfortable for the dog. There are no distractions unlike when the dog is enrolled in a regular dog obedience training class that requires dogs to be physically present during training sessions.

The owner can train the dog according to his flexible schedule. However, there is the need to impose self-discipline by allotting some amount of time to train the dog every day. The instructional videos are clear on setting a specific schedule to undertake the training lessons.

Just like anything that has two sides, dog-training videos can offer some disadvantages such as:

  • The absence of feedback or a guarantee that the owner is applying the recommended techniques properly. Since the owner is completely left on his own to do the training, he is the only one capable of assessing the progress whether or not the dog is learning or forming good habits.
  • There is nobody to provide assistance when the dog owner is stuck in some techniques that are difficult to execute or some technical portions that are hard to understand.
  • Some videos are limited in content and only offer certain methods that are not applicable or difficult to adopt.
  • The dog is not provided with the opportunity to socialize thus limiting its exposure within the domestic setting. As a social animal, the pet requires social interaction with its own kind as well as with other people in different surroundings and different levels of noise.
proper dog training takes time

Videos that present dog training techniques remain popular despite several disadvantages. To make them truly advantageous, the following tips are provided:

  • Be focused in watching the video from its start up to the end before applying the recommended techniques in training your dog. It is important to learn the explanations and the proper way of executing the procedure.
  • Set a regular schedule to hold the training session. Be sure to master each lesson before implementing them.
  • Complete each lesson before shifting to the next one. Do not abandon the training once a snag comes along the way. A sudden shift in techniques may confuse the dog and may cause it to refuse to submit to instructions or commands.
  • Be consistent in establishing the desired routine. Keep repeating words until the dog fully understands and associates the action for every command. There are more chances of forming the dog’s habit if the commands are frequently repeated. Consistency means repeating the same commands at all times even if the training sessions are over.

Although some dog owners still prefer to enroll their pets in the traditional dog obedience training class, others opt to maintain a collection of dog training videos to help them in their effort to train their dogs on their own. Those who opt to learn from the videos consider them more advantageous because they offer one distinctive feature: they can always press the rewind button when they forget something about the techniques.

The owner can train the dog according to his flexible schedule. However, there is the need to impose self-discipline.

dog training has to be regular

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