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How To Ride The Wave Of Internet Video Marketing

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

If you are in business and with a website but is not getting enough traffic, then this statistics is for you. Are you aware that You Tube is the #2 search engine in the world today and that about 1.2 billion videos are streamed from it daily? This is why, Forrester Research projected that this year, internet video marketing will boom to about $7 billion industry. This is an indirect testimony as to what a marketing video can potentially do to a business. If you have not tried utilizing this modern marketing tool, it is about time to explore it.

Many small business owners choose to ignore the value of this marketing tool. Most have started by having email addresses as a means of corresponding to clients and suppliers. Some have been motivated to have a website, perhaps upon the prodding of some younger members of the family. Perhaps the traffic is not hitting one’s expectation. So, this makes one still rely on traditional offline marketing strategies leading to the further decay of the website. If Internet users cannot find anything new in your website, then no visitors will ever go there to visit. What can small business owners do to increase traffic to their websites and make it into a functional tool of marketing?

In this modern generation, the playing field for big and small players alike in the business arena can be leveled by use of the Internet technology. Posting highly informative and relevant content combined with pleasing and regularly updated website design can help increase the number of visitors and the traffic. The website will rule the search engine if the content can be bolstered by Internet video marketing that Internet surfers are growing to anticipate these days. With the video titles enriched with functional and well-sought keywords, these websites will soon be gaining a share of the traffic in a leveled field.

To level the field, the videos must adhere to standards of excellence; not so much about the use of technology but more for the content. It does not matter if the manner of making the video does not even come close to Hollywood standard. It is wrong to think that because the business is small its content is less important or that less people will visit the site and watch the video. What is essential is to ensure that the content is packed with relevant knowledge, something that viewers can relate to or understand but brisk and does not waste the time of the viewers.

the internet creates new opportunities

What are some of the best Internet video marketing approaches that can bolster your business through improved online traffic?

  1. Make a video that welcomes and introduces the website to the online visitors. Talk about what makes the company distinct and show products for the video to have value. The host can talk about unique features of the products, let the viewers get a peep of some new lines. If the business offers service talk about in-house skills and pool of experts, efficiency, and speed and show demos of services being rendered.
  2. DIY and instructional videos are widely in demand because these are value-added. Being self-help in nature, those who find the value are expected to come back for more training and learning experiences. This are well-sought by Internet users as it intends to help viewers acquire skills.
  3. If the company has an upcoming product launch, a video in the form of product demo can be used for the product to be aptly introduced, their use and applications explained and their unique features or competitive advantage emphasized. This type of video, if correctly made, can double as a press release (PR) video.
  4. As the executive who owns the business, surely you have the most number of things to say about your business – the inception of the business, the vision, the goals and the mission. Obviously, you are the best person to promote your business because no one knows the business and has the kind of passion for it like you do. Doing it yourself has an added value because you can feel more relaxed and that can come across as honesty.

Any small business owner who wants to compete in a leveled playing field just got itself a tool - the Internet video marketing. It is the craze; a wise businessman should know better when and how to ride over the wave.

In this modern generation, the playing field for big and small players alike in the business arena can be leveled.

marketing is important for any business

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