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Present Wrapping and Planet Saving: A Guide to Sustainable Gift Wrapping

By Suzanne Vallance

In the modern society in which we live, we are busier than ever before. This has led to changes in the way we live; we consume more energy and seek out convenience. The busy lives we lead have led many members of society to forget that the planet we live on does not have an infinite amount of resources. However, with worrying news stories on climate change dominating the headlines in recent years, it’s no wonder there has been a change within society to sustainable living. But what does that mean for the luxuries we enjoy so much?

Can we continue with habits like decorating a gift with piles of ribbon, or packaging presents with protective materials, and finally enveloping it in beautiful embellished paper?

The answer is yes! Thankfully the production of eco-friendly wrapping and packaging products are kozzi-195325-female_in_winter_clothes_hoplentiful. The world does not have to be a less perfectly packaged place even with a firm commitment to sustainable resources. This guide will help you seek out the newest and most coveted eco-friendly gift wrap ideas.

Cloth Wrapping For Your Gifts

Conventional paper gift bags can look great for a while, but everyone has received a suspiciously crinkled looking bag and realised they’re just another person in a long line to receive the hand-me-down. A great alternative to make your loved one feel special is cloth gift wrapping. This style is wrapping is beautiful to look at, and can be used multiple times by each person who receives the item without the embarrassment of handing over a worn out and battered bag. Why not wrap your gift in a silk scarf? This can even be encompassed as part of the gift eliminating the need to buy any gift wrap at all.

Biodegradable Packagingkozzi-24931334-cardboard_box_with_peanut

We’ve all waited anxiously for a present to arrive with a loved one, only to be disappointed when it’s been damaged in transit. When posting a precious present it’s vital it arrives at its destination in one piece, but stuffing it with plastic packaging can be detrimental to the environment. Luckily you can now purchase 100% biodegradable foam chips to protect your packages.

Upcycle Your Gift Packaging!

Pack your gift safely in an up-cycled cardboard box you have lying around the house as an extra eco-friendly measure. The foam chips settle around the product to ensure it cannot move if the item is shaken during the treacherous journey. Now your present has been placed safely in its up-cycled box, cradled with biodegradable packaging it’s time for wrapping. It’s not necessary to run to the nearest stationary shop and buy rolls of expensive paper. The beautiful rows of colour are enticing but sourcing your gift wrap by hand gives the receiver that extra special feeling that something has been done especially for them. For your friend who lives far away, why not use the pages from an old map to wrap their gifts as a sentimental touch? A book lover will be touched to see you’ve considered their great love when packaging their present in the pages of old books. These items can be purchased in charity shops for hardly any expense. Newspapers can be salvaged and transformed into things of beauty with a few creative touches.

Eco-friendly Wrapping Paper

If you’re short of time, 100% recycled wrapping paper in beautiful prints are available on the high-street and on line. A firm favourite in the gift wrapping community is the classic brown paper kraft roll made of 100% recycled material. This can be purchased extremely cheaply and due to its plain nature can be adorned with embellishments of your choice to suit whoever if lucky enough to receive it!

kozzi-24877343-writing_a_message_on_a_giSome Final Touches For Your Gift Parcels

Why not enhance your gift with some rustic looking twine and a pressed flower from your garden? For Christmas decorations, a crisp sprig of holly can be placed atop smooth brown paper for an old-world feel. For a final flourish, use some natural twine for some nature inspired ribbon detail. What could bring more pleasure than show your loved one they’re worth the effort and saving the planet at the same time? With these quick and simple tips I hope you can see that beauty doesn’t have to be compromised in order to make a positive impact on the planet. Putting in that extra effort will not only give you that warm and fuzzy feeling of doing your bit, but I promise your loved ones will be thrilled at their bespoke, thoughtful gift wrapped presents.


Flower Press From Tesco To make your gifts look more attractive, or start a wonderful new hobby! 

Earth friendly gift wrap from eco-friendly gift wrap specialists Wrappily

Ferrari Packaging provide 100% biodegradable parcel packing chips

About The Author

Suzanne Vallance is a writer based in Glasgow, Scotland, she has a keen interest in sustainable living and living with minimal environmental impact

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