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How To Build A Profitable Worm Farming Business

Worm farming has attracted the attention of many investors. To be more apt, many were duped to start farm worms only to be left squirming with so many useless wriggling worms. The fact is, while most investors are wary of get-rich-quick ventures, the worm farming business caught the fancy of many investors not realizing that it entails hard work and requires skills that not everyone who started a worm farm possess.worm farming profits

Does it mean that worm farming business is not a worthy business to pursue? No, what is meant is that worm farming entails hard work, knowledge and skills. While many would attest to the simplicity of the steps involved in vermiculture (breeding or culture of worms), one needs time to keep them healthy and composting. There are works that are rather tedious to do - preparing worm beddings, keeping them moist and chopping up food scraps for feeding among others.

If one is to engage in worm farm business, it is also paramount that one is familiar with the varied types of worm farm markets such as:

• Farm worms for home vermicomposting organic gardening.

Organic gardening has been overturned by use of chemicals to kill pests and to provide N-P-K to the soil because these were made convenient to the modern gardeners and hobbyists. But, with the “green” trend, everything with the words “organic” and “natural” is now “hot.” Thus, organic gardening is back and more popular than ever. Raised worms can be sold to people eager to set up their own mini home vermicomposting box to feed their own worms and generate poop and urine (castings and worm tea) to condition their garden soil and fertilize their gardens.

• Farm worms for sport fishing bait or for feeds to pets.

Worms are the fishermen’s top choice for bait. A fish favorite is the so called European Nightcrawler. If you can breed this, just let your target market you have stock through proper advertising and you’ll never run out of buyers. If you do not want to go into retail, supply pet shops and other fishermen’s supply shops. Worms that fishermen traditionally use and which many still prefer to use are the red worms. There are also people who buy worms to feed it to their pets or to breed their own for their pets. Grow them larger and you’ll find a steady group of buyers. Find tips to grow them extra bigger than your competitors.

• Farm worms for organic waste conversion.

You may also sell your worms to large entities like corporations and municipalities that intend to operate large vermicomposting facilities. There is a trend for vermicomposting as the “green movement” is having their presence felt all over. Many are starting to be motivated because of it environmental benefits while others are using it to attain a good reputation in their industry.

• Farm worms to generate worm castings, worm tea and composts for sale.

You can also sell the poop, urine (castings and worm tea) and the composts of the worms to gardeners who want to go organic, but do not have the time to make their own fertilizers or organic composts. These products can be used to enrich the soil’s N-P-K while conditioning the soil.

• Farm worms for breeding stock

Farming worms will keep you well-stocked with young worms that are said to be ideal animals for composting being more voracious eaters. When selling, there is also more young worms per pound than adult worms. Your market is the farmers like yourself who need fresh worms to re-stock from time to time and some fishermen who wants to culture their own baits or pet owners who use worms to feed their pets.

If you are worried about the profitability of a worm farming business, you may want to start small as a hobby. This will give you the chance to use up a small investment, build your skills, develop your own uses for it as you create your own garden and meet other hobbyists that can generate you your market. Then, you decide if you want to expand because the demand from your market has grown.

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