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How Bad Habits Become Good Habits 

You may be familiar with the idea that you cannot get rid of bad habits – you need to replace them with good habits instead. The reasoning behind this is that your mind thinks that you are taking something important away when you stop a bad habit; but when you simply start a good habit that pushes the bad habit out of the way, then you feel like you are giving yourself something. 


So, what is the actual process in which bad habits become good ones? This is an important thing to understand, because it can help you get rid of all of your bad habits eventually. This article will go through the process step-by-step, using example bad and good habits. 


Example Bad Habit: Skipping Breakfast 


Example Good Habit: Having a Healthy Breakfast


So, you want to replace the habit of skipping breakfast with having a good, healthy breakfast instead. There are numerous reasons to do this, and studies have proven that people who eat breakfast are healthier, get more accomplished and are happier. Let’s go through the process of replacing the bad with the good one step at a time. 


1. Sit down and create a list of breakfast foods that you like. Then go out and buy them and keep them stocked in your kitchen. 


2. Stop eating food at 5:00PM each day. That way when morning comes you are hungry enough to eat something. 


3. Write down the benefits that come with eating breakfast and then post them somewhere that you will be able to see them when you get up in the morning. 


4. Make a habit out of going to the kitchen and looking at the food that is there. You don’t have eat anything at first. Just be aware that some good foods are stocked in your kitchen. 


5. Start small. Cut an orange into segments and eat one segment per day. 


6. Increase this until your body actually starts looking forward to having that orange every day. 


7. Don’t skip any days once you start eating. You may revert back to your old habit of not eating breakfast. 


8. Create a breakfast trigger. For example, as soon as you finish your first cup of coffee, then make something for breakfast. 


9. Increase the amount of food until you are having a full, healthy breakfast.


10. Write down any benefits you notice from eating breakfast. 


Prioritize More if you Want to be Successful

When you want to be successful, you have to prioritize. This often means that some things get overlooked and unfortunately, sometimes they are things that you don’t want to overlook. But you have to make sacrifices if you want to achieve your goals and that means deciding what is most important, and working on it first and foremost. 


The reason for this is simple: we want too many things. Human beings are famous for wanting too much. It’s like our motto, especially here in America. More, more, more. This is true in the food that we eat, it is true of the things that we buy and it is true of the money that we make. 

Of course, it is also true of the things that drive us and the goals that we have, and that’s not a bad thing. 


The problem is, when you have too many things that you want to accomplish, you aren’t going to have time for them all, and unless you prioritize, you are probably going to end up doing the things that are the most fun rather than the things that are the most important. 


Let’s look at an example of this. Meet Richard. Richard is trying to make a list of the things that he wants to accomplish over the next five years. Here is what he has written down. 


  • Learn 5 new languages (1 per year) – Spanish, German, American Sign Language, French and Italian
  • Learn how to play musical instruments like a pro – first guitar and then piano
  • Learn how to do my own taxes and keep track of business taxes
  • Start my own business – some kind of retail store that is unique and fills a need
  • Volunteer more – do some church work, homeless shelters, give to charity
  • Become more organized so that I never miss appointments and always know where stuff is 
  • Lose 50 pounds and get in shape like I was when I was in my 30’s


We’ll stop here because you probably get the idea. We want to do so many things, but accomplishing them will take up far too much time. For example, learning a new language in a year will take about 30-45 minutes each and every day. If you added up all of this stuff just from this partial list, half the day would be gone. 


That’s why prioritizing is vital. If you cannot choose what is most important and work on it first and most often, you are going to accomplish very little. 



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