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How to Stick to a Grain Free Diet

After people have made the decision to shift to a grain free diet, they often find that sticking to one and not falling off the wagon is serious business. There are many reasons why people are unable to stick to a diet without the usual products made from grains. One of the reasons is that they run out of things to eat for snacks, for in between meals or even for regular meals. Still another reason that people often verbalize is that the no grain diet is expensive. Finally, quite a good number will say they just miss the bread, the rice and the pastry.

Maybe you find yourself in this position and hear yourself giving these same statements as reasons why it is difficult to stick to a grain free diet. If so, here are a few tips to help you. Try going over them and see just how much easier it will be to stick to your grain free diet.

1. Stock up on things to eat. Of course you will run out of edibles unless you make a conscious effort to make sure you always have something in your pantry to munch on or to warm. Be sure you have nuts, dried fruit and seeds. You might also want to have jerky on hand. The thing with these snacks is that they won’t stimulate a yearning for carbs an hour or two after you take them.

2. Make extra stuff. When you are on a grain based diet, it is very easy to get extra food such as pizza on delivery and Chinese takeout. Things are not so simple with when you go grain free because you can’t go to the nearest grocery and pick up a bag of chips or slap together a sandwich. But if you have extra stuff, you won’t succumb to the temptation of eating cookies or some other thing made from flour.

3. Learn the grain free recipes for snacks and things you want to keep on hand. Believe it or not there are grain free recipes for chips, crackers, cookies, flatbread, Graham crackers and chocolate cake! Make batches of these so that you and your household are never hungry. Hunger is the enemy of people who want to stick to a diet that is free of grains.

4. Learn the grain free version of your favorite foods. Almost all dishes have a grain free version. If your favorite dishes do not have one yet then learn the art of converting recipes their grain free equivalents. As a rule, this would begin with the simple act of using garbanzo flour or arrowroot powder to thicken sauces and thicken batter. These two flour-like creations can also be used as binder for meatballs and meatloaf. Use pasta made from quinoa flour and start experimenting with almond flour.

5. Shop for food wisely. It is true that a grain based diet can be cheaper than one that is grain free. However, in this case there are ways to tilt the balance. You can buy vegetables that are in season. You can start buying meat in bulk. Learn where to find stuff at the best prices and keep your ears open for sales.

6. Plan your grain free menus. Planning your menus can guarantee that you have variety in your food, that you buy the quantities you need and that you are able to plan your purchases. A good menu will save you money, keep your meals interesting and help you stick to your diet.

7. Continue learning about grain free living. Don’t stop reading about your new grain free life and everything that goes with it. Read through columns, menus, motivational material, recipes and everything that will help keep your interest up.

8. Keep a chart of improvements. If you are one of the many people who embarked on a grain free regimen due to health reasons, keep track of your progress daily. Make a checklist of the symptoms you want controlled then check how often they occur daily. This will surely keep you aware of your progress and inspire you to hang in there.

9. Get in touch with other people who are grain free nutrition advocates. From them you will learn a lot of things – including where they get the best prices for the goods that go into grain free meals.

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