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In the current economic climate, the competition within the letting industry is increasing at a faster pace than it has ever has in recent times. As a result lettings agents are having to work harder to retain business and maintain consistent growth. A key factor contributing to growth is to be the first one to reach out to potential customers. This conventional approach is to employ lots of manpower to meet with the demands of growing business. However, that does not come without overheads. Salaries, training, transportation, setting up the infrastructure to name a few. There is however a smart way to enjoy business growth and avoid these overheads at the same time which is by investing in a good rental software. This can not only increase your productivity but also help you make substantial savings in terms of time & money. It has to be said that it's easier than done!


Choosing the right software from a multitude of different softwares can be daunting so here are a few tips that will make the decision process easier for you. While selecting rental software, try to find one which is capable of making your business hassle free. A system that is designed to take care of the entire lettings life-cycle i.e from the time you receive the initial landlord enquiry to gaining the instruction, marketing, pre-tenancy preparation, move in and end of tenancy. PropCo Enterprise by Technology Blueprint is one such software that nicely fits in all these scenarios. PropCo has been built on the decades of experience of UK's property market and uses the most up-to-date technologies. As it is web based, it provides ease of access that is simply not possible with conventional softwares. It saves time that letting agents can put towards taking care of their clients and gathering more business.


We have clients ranging from a single user / single branch set-up to multi-branch / multi-brand agencies showing the versatile nature of our software. Along with PropCo Enterprise, we also specialise in providing outsourcing services to letting agents. Outsourcing is a great way to reduce overheads and save time. We also have an in-house web-development team so we can even take care of all your website requirements such a web-design and search-engine optimisation. Contact us today to find out more!

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