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Anderson, the worldwide famous master of fairytale had said:to travel is to live. Travel does not mean a temporary move from one place to another, a lot of photographs that you have taken during your journey. It is actually another kind of life.

Our lifetime is in some sense a kind of travel. When we were born, we begin to get familiar with the world we live in. We learn how to live and how to live a better life. Our life consists of three parts: the starting point, the process and the end. It is like a journey we take, we decide to go to an unknown place, and then in the process we feel its picturesque scene, get accountant with its customs and search for all the things which attract us. In the end, we go back to our initial point. To travel is also a way to perceive this world. To some extent, travel makes us know well about our world. Actually, life is a process that we turn the unknown things into the familiar ones. So is travel.

Someone has said: life is a gorgeous risk. Life is full of mystery, so is travel. Because things are unknown. Just as in our daily life there are so many unexpected things happen to us during travel. We manage to get rid of the obstacle. After handling these things, we become stronger and deal with the difficulties in our daily lives well. In this sense, travel helps us much stronger when facing the difficulties.

In other words, we can see travel as a complement of life. For example, someone does not care about the place he/she will go, all they want is just to go .They travel for travel's sake, and they just want to move. They put their bodies and minds are in a more comfortable state. It is no doubt that under this situation travel is life and life goes to a higher structure. During journey, we relax thoroughly.

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