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Ways You Can Use Green Energy

With today's struggling economy, most people would like to save money in any way that they possibly can. One way to do just that is to cut back on energy and take a greener approach. This article will give you some advice on how to do just that and save some money.

You can replace your outdoor lights with lights that mainly use solar energy. This will reduce electricity costs and many times these solar lights will last for a longer time than traditional light bulbs will. These green lights will absorb the sun's energy throughout the day and then your lights will have more than enough energy to last through the night if you want them to do so.

Tip: Turn off the lights when you exit a room. You could save quite a bit of energy if you are diligent about turning off the lights.

You can install some solar panels on your roof that will reduce the cost of energy for everything in your home. These panels used to be way too expensive for typical households to use, but in recent years technology has advanced and the price for solar panels have become more reasonable for personal use.

Instead of using lights for your rooms, think about installing some skylight tubes in the most used rooms in your home. These tubes will light up the room throughout the day so that the only time you'll actually have to use lights in these rooms is if you are in them late at night. Using the natural sunlight will allow you to cut down on the amount of lights you use and therefore cut down on how much you spend on electricity.

Tip: Use solar-powered lamps for outdoor lighting. These lamps aren't costly and do not need additional power sources other than direct sun exposure.

You can use a solar system to heat your water. This cuts down on how much you have to pay for your water bill each month. Solar-heated water will often stay heated for twenty-four hours so using a solar system does not mean you have to take a shower or use hot water when the sun is out.

Getting a vehicle that doesn't use common fossil fuels can really help out the environment and it will save you money by not needing as much gasoline. The initial often-expensive cost of the vehicle can pay for itself in time because you won't have to spend as much money on gasoline.

Tip: Putting the temperature to 60 degrees when you're sleeping or away from home is a great energy-saving tip. At this temperature, your home will use as little energy as possible.

If you still aren't convinced that you should go green, perhaps this will change your mind. By going green you will be eligible for more tax rebates. These tax rebates can offset the sometimes expensive initial investment of green energy and really make the investment worth it in the long run. You should definitely consider how much you will save on a tax rebate before you look at the cost of a green energy system and pass on it.

If you want to go green, you have many different ways you can do just that. This article is just the tip of the iceberg, you can go green in almost every aspect of your life. Combine the tips from this article with your other research to save as much money as possible and help the environment in the process!

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