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How To Use Your Gymnastics Mats

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Gymnasts are injured every day. However, because they have the passion for the sport, they do not give up, so they recover. Minimizing accidents is the key to having a long career in gymnastics. Gymnasts need to know that there are safety ways and rules to minimize accidents and injuries. There are certain accidents that are just too devastating that can cause them their career. Hence, it is pivotal to use gymnastics mats and other safety gear.

For the safety of gymnasts and for their peace of mind, simply laying the mats on the floor is not enough. For safety reasons, they need to learn the acceptable ways on how to use gymnastics mats. Here is how to use the mats designed for gymnastic routines:

  1. Place the mats in the area where gymnasts are going to do routines. Gymnastics mats are important because these catch the gymnasts when they fall. These are most especially helpful when gymnasts practice their flips, somersaults, and more gymnastics stunts that can cause them serious accidents.
  2. Place the gymnastics mats on the floor where the high bars are. Position them in the floor areas where the gymnasts are likely to fall when accidents happen while using the high bars. It is important for gymnasts to know that the mats must not only be directly below the bars but also around the bars. Be sure to put as much mats around as possible as to catch gymnasts when the inevitable happen.
  3. Place the gymnastics mats at the end of the runway where the vault is. These mats are important for those gymnasts who are new to using the said gymnastic equipment, as well as to those who are learning a new stunt. Make sure that the mats are large enough to cover a huge area. Also, the gymnastics mats need to be as thick as possible to protect falling gymnasts from sustaining a catastrophic injury.
you need to find quality equipment

Know, however, that gymnastics mats are not readily available in department stores or sports houses these days. If buying online, it is critical to know quality to look for.

  1. High Impact Foam. When looking for gymnastics mats, make sure to look for those that are high impact foam. These have superior features that include being water-, mildew- and bacteria-resistant.
  2. Pick the appropriate sizes and thickness. Choose mats that are at least 24 by 42 inches or larger 24 by 72 inches with one to two inch foam.
  3. Go for thicker foams. For practicing and landing events, make sure that the mats are thicker. These mats usually have 8 to 16 inches of foam.
  4. A simple polyurethane filler or bonded foam with vinyl coverings is preferable. There are mats that have reinforced stitching that make them durable or have longer mat life. These kinds of gymnastics mats also come in many different colors such as black and white.
  5. Gymnastics mats that are 4 by 6 or 6 by 12 feet are good enough for practice. However, in competitions, gymnastics mats go up to 8 by 15 feet.
  6. Never use simple exercise mats when training new stunts. These mats are very with foam usually lesser than an inch thin. Some of these mats are also narrow and long which is not ideal for gymnastics. In this sport, gymnasts do not have safety gears such as shin guards and helmets. Gymnasts do not have any other protection, but the safety mats.

Gymnastics mats are essential in gymnastics training and competitions. Even the simplest form of stunt can cost a gymnast his or her career. Hence, gymnasts must not wait for accidents to happen before they start using gymnastics mats.

Never use simple exercise mats when training new stunts. These mats are very with foam usually lesser than an inch thin.

use the right mats for everything

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