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Shedding Light on What Amateur Wrestling Is 

What is amateur wrestling? Today, when people hear the word wrestling, they think of the wrestling matches they see on television. These are the same matches where actors apparently perform different “professional” wrestling moves, with great speeches and charisma. That is not amateur wrestling. 

What is amateur wrestling then? It is considered the most well known method of wrestling. Amateur wrestling is composed of two international styles executed in the prestigious Olympic Games, Freestyle Wrestling and Greco-Roman Wrestling, under the supervision of Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees or simply known as FILA.  

Difference between Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling

The difference between the two is that Greco-Roman wrestling is a type of wrestling that can be traced back since the first modern 1896 Olympic Games. In Greco-Roman wrestling, two opposite wrestlers are being scored according to their performance in a period of 2-3 minutes and can be terminated by early pinfall. Greco-Roman more likely have a very strict rules when it comes to utilizing different wrestling moves.

On the other hand, freestyle wrestling is proudly known for its catch-as-catch-can wrestling and the main goal of freestyle wrestling is to throw and pin the other wrestler to the mat, which leads to instant win. In freestyle wrestling, wrestlers are allowed to tackle their opponent in defense and offense. In addition, it is primarily known as the most complete type of wrestling and mixes together with judo, sambo and traditional wrestling techniques.

Freestyle wrestling is similarly practiced and applied by secondary schools, middle schools, colleges and universities, which is primarily called in many names that include folk style, scholastic or collegiate wrestling.

What Are the Different Amateur Wrestling Secrets?

There many different ways on how to be successful win every match on amateur wrestling. Unlike wrestling entertainment on television, which is scripted, the possibility of winning depends on the story line. However, if you want to know the secret behind every success, here are some secrets you aim to know:

  1.  Discipline – The number one enemy of being an amateur wrestling is their self. Reaching the top is not a simple task particularly when a person lacks proper discipline. Like any other sports, it requires discipline and without discipline, it is impossible to reach the top.
  2. Train Harder – Another secret of amateur wrestling is to train harder and harder each day. There are no shortcuts in achieving a person goals and dreams particularly in amateur wrestling. Always keep mind all those pain, sufferings and hard work are going to pay off.
  3. Know the Sport – One of the basic secrets a person must know understands the true meaning of amateur wrestling. It is a wrestling 101 and knowing amateur wrestling from the start to finish is a systematic way of loving the sports.
  4. Be Humble and Respectful – Winning is everything in amateur wrestling and with that said, there a higher tendency to change your judgments towards fellow wrestlers, if you are on the top on the food chain. However, if you remain humble and respectful towards others, that is the true secrets of winning.

Amateur Wrestling Tips

It is vital to understand what amateur wrestling is all about. If you are interested to be part of a wonderful and prestigious sport of all time, here are some tips you may want to consider:

a. Be devoted to wrestling. If you wish to become stronger and win every match, all you have to do is be devoted and follow every rules of amateur wrestling.

b. Well-trained coaches handle every amateur wrestling enthusiast. In fact, even athletes who are gold medalist athletes train aspiring young athletes. If you have been given the chance to be personally trained by these people, treat that as a reward and apply every lesson you have learned.

c. Do not ever use your wrestling techniques outside the arena.

If you are truly interested in amateur wrestling, then you will do everything to understand what it is, its secrets are, and some of valuable tips. If you are interested, do not hesitate to join and be a part of outstanding amateur wrestling.





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