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Doing Real Amateur Wrestling Moves the Right Way

Doing real amateur wrestling moves the right way is very important especially for rookies to avoid painful injuries during the match. Once you know how to do them right, you can slowly feel your way through and have a better chance of beating your opponent. This will not guarantee a hundred percent chance of winning, but will definitely improve your skills and help you be on your way to become a certified wrestler to beat.

Therefore, here are some real amateur wrestling moves to help you get started:

The Defense Technique

In here you have a couple of options, the most effective variation is when you are able to take hold of the opponent’s arm and pull it back behind him in a swift and twisting motion. This position will be extremely uncomfortable for him.

The Single Leg Takedown

You have to do this correctly for it to work effectively. To do this your opponent has to be standing while you’re kneeling on the ground. Take your competitor by surprise when he gets you down to the mat. Find a chance to grab the back of his knee, pulling it forward with all your might. He has no choice but to come crashing down.

The Bicep Crusher

You do this when both of you are down on the mat. Sandwich your legs on your opponent’s upper arm. Every time you pull up on his arm and you tighten his legs, extreme pressure will be placed on his bicep muscle, which can be ugly on his part.

The Offense Technique

This is one of the most common real amateur wrestling moves used by competitors on their opponent. Do this when you are facing your opponent, push him back using the palm of your hand while reaching underneath him so you can take out his legs which will bring the both of you to the ground.

The Headlock

Wrestlers love this because it’s quite easy to execute. Wait until your opponent’s back is turned then put your around his neck and squeeze it in between your lower and upper arm.

Aside from mastering all the basic moves, it is important that you develop a good wrestling stance. Position and posture is essential in scoring and preventing your opponent from garnering any scores. Both your knees have to be bent and the weight must be placed on the balls of your toes. This allows you to move quickly and limits the area where your opponent can attack. Lower your level and take a penetration step forward with both hands in front of you. Make sure to keep your elbows in, and always maintain control when you’re in a tie up. Your arms always need to be inside of his.

Try practicing hip-heist, too

You can use this great escape move from practically any position. Try bringing your body up then lift your hips off the mat fronting you. The goal is to get out from underneath your opponent. Try kicking your leg forward then turn quickly over so your hips and face are facing down. The moment you have pushed your body out and away from your opponent simultaneously, you will have successfully escaped.

Don’t neglect your conditioning exercises either. These can be in the form of squats, push-ups, running, as well as flexibility exercises like stretches, to touching, among others. Try to find a good trainer to help you prepare for the competition way ahead of time. It’s even better if you can find yourself a wrestling partner to practice with, someone who will challenge you and bring out the best in you.

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