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Suits are traditionally a symbol of the workday and the uniform of the working man, but this classic ensemble is no longer a stuffy office icon. Men today wear suits when they want to look their best, and suits come in all shapes, sizes and patterns to bring some variety to your wardrobe. You can add your own personal touches to put a spin on your ensemble and make the suit your own.

Start by trying on a few different suits to see what styles look best on you. If you're long and lean, try a slim fitting or skinny suit and pair it with wing tip or pointed toe shoes to create an edgy rock and roll look. If you want a more classic looking suit, choose a single or double breasted suit jacket and pair it with matching suit pants and a classic pair of lace up leather shoes.

Different textures and patterns are also a great way to mix things up a little. Channel your inner 60s guru with a wine coloured suit and a pair of stylish patent leather lace ups. A nude or beige coloured suit is also effortlessly stylish and looks great with a black collared shirt, and will help you stand out and make a statement on the nights you want to look your best.

For more formal events, dark suits are the way to go. Choose a black or grey suit and add an extra touch of sophistication by picking sheer fabrics that will catch the light. Suits are great for causal weekend outings as well, and on days when you're dressing to impress look for tweed suit jackets in brown, green, or grey. Pair this with a collarless shirt and a pair of slim fitting trousers and your favourite pair of casual shoes or sneakers and you'll be ready for anything, and by making a few subtle changes you can transform this from a daytime to evening look.

Make the look your own by choosing different shirts and ties to compliment your suit. On casual days, try wearing a cardigan or jumper underneath your jacket rather than a button up, or choose a checkered, striped or patterned shit to add some extra colour and flare to the ensemble. Remember that by experimenting with different shirts, you can constantly reinvent your suit.

When you're dressing in a more formal or professional manner, choose a stylish tie to bring personality to your outfit and focus on more subtle details such as cufflinks to help make a statement. Short or skinny ties are particularly popular this season, and a sheer or silk tie looks great on formal occasions, whereas a sharp black tie is elegant and understated for work. Look for cufflinks that express something about you, and you can wear anything from initials to footballs on your wrist. These little touches will help you stand out next time you're stepping out on the town.

Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, you can make your suit your own with anything from cufflinks to a skinny suit, and no matter what you decide, whenever you're wearing a suit you can be confident that you'll look and feel your best.

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