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There's a good reason that you're not seeing your body shape up the way that you want it to. You have to follow a nutritionally sound eating plan along with an appropriate exercise program
20.04.2016 · From spanglers
There might not be more wrong information on any topic today than on getting rid of stomach fat. It’s really not as hard as most people think. Here are five common myths about this topic you need to be wary of: MYTH #1) Diet doesn’t matter Not true. (...)
30.01.2013 · From alayalewis
What’s the best way to get six pack abs? There are two things you need to do — workout and eat healthy. Not exactly rocket science, but necessary nonetheless. What is the best diet? In general you might want to focus more on quantity over quality. (...)
27.01.2013 · From alayalewis
Getting rid of tummy bloating is simple: just combine a sound diet and exercise regime. What about “fat loss pills?” Don’t waste your money on them. Many TV infomercials make it sound as if you can just pop their pill and instantly start losing fat. (...)
20.01.2013 · From alayalewis
What are the primary causes of belly fat? There are many theories on this. Some say it’s poor genetics. Others claim it’s stress. And still others believe that it’s a slow metabolism. What’s the truth? In reality, it’s almost always a result of poor...
19.01.2013 · From alayalewis
What are the best core exercises? It’s probably not what you think. Yes, crunches do work, but they should only be a small part of your routine. Many spend their entire workout session doing 100s of crunches and virtually nothing else. (...)
17.01.2013 · From alayalewis
Everyone knows that stomach fat is ugly. But most people don’t know that it’s dangerous as well. It can definitely have negative long term health effects if you aren’t careful. Believe it or not, while having general body fat is bad for you, stomach flab is...
17.01.2013 · From alayalewis
What’s the best routine for losing belly fat? Don’t get lost in the sea of information out there. Dropping the fat really isn’t that complicated. Here are four exercises to make it happen: #1) The Plank This is one of the better exercises to tone your belly. (...)
17.01.2013 · From alayalewis
What are three easy abs exercises anyone can perform? Here they are, along with a detailed explanation on how to do each one: #1) Standard crunch No discussion on abs would be complete without this one. (...)
15.01.2013 · From alayalewis
What are the best foods to eat to burn fat? There are a number that work. Obviously everyone knows that exercising is important, but diet is just as important. Here are three rules you should follow: #1) Eat frequently. (...)
14.01.2013 · From alayalewis
Doing Pilates exercises for flat abs is a very powerful method for getting the midsection you want fast. In fact, it’s much more effective than the ever popular jogging. Then why all the negativity about Pilates online? Most of the people who don’t get results...
13.01.2013 · From alayalewis
Protein definitely plays a crucial role in a muscle builder’s diet. Why do you need it and how much do you really need? These are important questions that have to be answered if you seriously want to bulk up. (...)
15.08.2012 · From alayalewis
Anyone wanting to learn proper muscle building will discover that there are many different ways to achieve their goal. When implemented on a regular basis, certain exercise routines can definitely bring effective results. (...)
15.08.2012 · From alayalewis
Many people today are trying to live healthier lives by following a strict diet and exercising regularly. However, these same people have discovered that achieving the bodies they want is impossible unless they work double-time on physical exertion. (...)
15.08.2012 · From alayalewis
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