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Best Way To Get Six Pack Abs

What’s the best way to get six pack abs? There are two things you need to do — workout and eat healthy. Not exactly rocket science, but necessary nonetheless.

What is the best diet?

Tip: When you are building muscle, you need to work your muscles to exhaustion on your final set. If you do not work your muscles to exhaustion, you are realistically not finishing the set.

In general you might want to focus more on quantity over quality. Instead of counting the fat, calories and carbs you intake, just eat a diet rich in whole foods. But remember to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

You may want to make fruits and vegetables the bulk of your diet. There is considerable evidence that these are the top fat burning foods out there.

Tip: Engage in a workout routine which combines both weight machines and free weights. You can build bigger muscles with free weights than you can using a machine.

Try getting more high water content foods. These are the easiest for your body to digest, and the less wear and tear on your body the better. This will give you more energy which will make your workout more effective.

Also you might want to eat more frequently. Between 4-6 times a day is a good target to shoot for. This tends to speed up the metabolism, which is important for dropping the fat. Try and eat roughly every three hours, although you can extend it to four for the sake of convenience.

Drink lots of water.

This is imperative for fat loss. Try to drink three to four liters a day, and you should see some dramatic progress with your fat loss goals.

When you eat is also important.

You might want to avoid eating cooked food late at night. Why? Because the body is able to handle heavier foods when it’s are most active.

Tip: Monitor your body fat when you build muscle. Tracking your weight won't be much help as your muscle will be increasing as the fat decreases.

Since most people are resting at night, eating at this time often times results in fat storage. This is because they aren’t burning anything off. So just try and eat more when you are active.

What if you get hungry late at night?

Eat some fruit. This passes through your system very easily and is not going to add much body fat.

What are the best exercises?

Body core workouts are the most effective. Yes, even more so than running on the treadmill. Here is one you can start with:

The Roll Up

For this one, start out by lying down facing the ceiling and your arms extended straight up. Then slowly start raising your upper body.

When you reach the top of your motion your arms should be parallel to the floor. Begin the downward motion with a pulling movement on the lower midsection. Being gradual is the key to this workout.

How often should you exercise?

You might want to try and exercise at least 3-5 times a week, and preferably 6. This raises the metabolism levels and therefore burns fat the quickest.

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