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Worm Farming Benefits From the Icky Worms

Dealing with icky worms is not one of the dream businesses or jobs that anyone fancies to have when one grows up. But, if kids are exposed and taught early in school about climate change, they might just start weaving a different dream for a career when they grow up. If school kids are taught how worm faming benefits farmers financially and how it rewards them in many other ways, they may start looking at those icky worms in a different light.


Here are some worm farming benefits that can make a difference in your life, your family and your environment:a heap of icky worms


1. These days, people are getting to realize the value of raising one’s own vegetables in their backyards or on containers. Gardening as a hobby is worthwhile as it puts food on the table that can be chemical-free, fresh and virtually free of cost. It makes one get out in the sun that is both healthy and fun especially if the family participates in doing chores. Growing some worms to feed on kitchen waste is a good way to condition the garden soil without using chemicals and spending money.


2. It also helps you put those organic wastes in the house to good use. These worms help you get rid of those wastes that could otherwise be costing you and the government to be properly disposed.


3. Having a wormery helps create a living ecosystem that develops self-sufficiency for you and your family. Raising your own vegetables is cutting the carbon footprint of your food that reduces the greenhouse gases (GHG) following these events:


• Less need for transport, packaging and labor energy to pack and ship goods, fertilizers, etc.

• Less production of plastic to bag products.

• Less manufacturing of cardboard to pack the products.

• Less use and combustion of fossil fuels and less emissions to transport products.


4. A worm farm can also be a lucrative business. If you will allow yourself to grow in knowledge and skills, you might realize that your hobby can slowly grow into a full scale farm that can generate revenue for you like any typical business.


5. You can help your community in a lot of ways.


• Link up with local schools to offer free tours for school children. Aside from a being an instrument in propagating information, if you catch the fancy of these kids, they will prattle about it and that makes these kids a very good way to advertise your worm farm.

• You can coordinate with home associations and other small cooperatives or groups in the community to mount small scale gardening in their own homes or community gardens. Push your advocacy towards self-sufficiency. You can start by sharing with them some samples of your worm farm products like the castings and worm tea (poop and urine of worms) as fertilizers.

• If you have a small space, share your products or technologies with neighbors. This can cascade and several neighbors can join you in your production of worms and products so that and you can attain the scale that you need to make the business profitable. This means your neighborhood shares with your profits too.

• As the scale of production grows, you may need to hire people in your locality so that you help provide jobs to people in the community.


These are just a few of the worm farming benefits that you can enjoy as well as your family and neighbors. Aside from these benefits, there are other positive impacts that you impinge in your community, nation and the planet. Starting is easy and it can start as a fun hobby.  Once you start to enjoy the rewards that a wormery offers, you might just forget how icky the worms are.


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